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  1. Cherry Some-cock saweet!
  2. Errr- because most people in the world get bail before appearing in court unless its a capitol crime?
  3. 55 million- nice little earner for someone.
  4. As opposed to the comfort of an armchair?
  5. No soldier is taught to 'shoot to wound'. If the guy did have a grenade it was the right thing to shoot him and he could have caused a lot of casualties. It's a big 'if' though.
  6. usual load of crap being posted by people who haven't got a clue. how did they become nuclear all of a sudden. Very few navies run nukes. ,
  7. Why does everyone automatically jump to 'she's HiSo? She works in a car showroom FarFS.
  8. Yeah- how dare she do something different to stimulate the interest of her students. Absolutely diabolical!
  9. Hmmm- for all the chest beating above what would he have got for 'reckless driving causing death' in Australia? A damn sight more than a paltry fine and a suspended sentence methinks. PS- this has nothing to do with HiSo activity in Bangkok so why bring it up?
  10. Looking for a man with dark red skin- hmmmm.
  11. did you happen to notice the speed he was travelling at?
  12. Thanks for that but this thread is about PHUKET, what happens where you are is irrelevant. Why people need to post about what happens elsewhere on a Phuket specific thread baffles me.
  13. Remind me how many Subs Oz has and how many external threats?