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  1. I think the problem started when they sealed off all the windows and installed aircon about 5 years ago. Hua Lamphong station became a nice cool spot to spend the night!
  2. How many days before expiry can you renew your retirement extension of stay at Chaeng Wattana. Is it 30 or 45 days before?? Anybody know for sure? (I may need to access my 800,000 baht earlier than anticipated)
  3. Yes, that's definitely the one. Asian Drongo Cuckoo. I don't know why but its constant repetitive call drives me crazy!!!
  4. If 100,000 pensioners were to return to the UK from non EU countries it could cost the NHS 700 million pounds in extra health costs. This figure is based on something I read a few years ago i.e. the average cost of NHS health provisions for retirees is about 7,000 GBP a year, if I remembered correctly. The govt should be paying retirees extra pension money to retire overseas and cover their own health costs!!!!! Instead they are doing the opposite.
  5. With Natwest the debit card (Visa) and credit card (Mastercard) are actually issued by different companies. With the debit card you can only send to a UK address. But with the credit card you have the choice of UK address or pick up at nominated UK branch. Apart from that having a Thai address is not a problem.
  6. Ha ha! It's the same bl**dy bird I recorded on 17th March 2015. I sent the recording to a twitcher friend I know in the UK but he could not identify it. My bl**dy bird is also back again, so I assume that this is the time of year that it best loves to annoy people. Can't remember hearing it last year. Hopefully it will move off again somewhere else soon.
  7. I was sitting on a park bench in Lumphini Park yesterday about 5.30pm when this stark bollok naked farang runs past on the running track. He was closely pursued by park wardens both running and on bicycles trying to catch him He was a pretty fit guy, bare foot and swinging dik. The scene looked like it was from the Keystone cops, The funniest thing I have seen in a long time. I wonder how it turned out.
  8. Here's an interesting one: 'fii-tjer-ling' (no idea how to spell this correctly in Thai) It comes from the English (I think) 'featuring'. The guys in the bar tried to explain what this slang expression means. Something on the lines of cuckolding. But if anyone can explain better I would love to know.
  9. Check out the BBC news item "Are we headed for a bond market bloodbath" posted on their news website 14 hours ago.
  10. How about trying 'economic with the truth'. Work well in the UK Parliament.
  11. You are probably referring to Mulligans (Irish bar) upstairs in the Buddy? Building. It's the one with the motor cycle collection in the entrance area. They must have some pretty serious connections to be able to stay open 24 hrs.
  12. Put down some strips of 3M Anti-slip Tape. Once they are stuck down properly they can stay in place for years!!!!
  13. From my understanding of syphilis , the standard VDRL test will eventually show negative once you have been cured. But the problem is that this may take many months so cannot be used to evaluate how initially successful the treatment has been. Other tests are used to indicate that the infection has been dealt with, but once infected these test may be positive for life. Be aware that some clinics offer a fast syphilis test. As far as I understand this is not the same type of test as the VDRL test, and can in fact show you are positive from previous infection, but the VDRL test would show as negative. This happened to me. I tested positive with the fast test at a clinic, but negative from subsequent tests at a hospital. I had had a previous infection 10 years before. You really need to see an experienced VD doctor to get the best advice. If the doctor is satisfied that you no longer have the infection I am sure he would sign off on your medical certificate that you are free from syphillis
  14. Maybe they should buy a submarine and send it down to check out the sea bed. Oooops I forgot, they're doing that already
  15. You should have whipped your smart phone out and started videoing her. They don't like it when you film them!