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  1. Your Thai wife is fuddling the truth. Every Thai home has a thermometer. We have three. One - from USA - cost 1000 Baht. Two, acquired at the Market - cost 15 B each. The Market - Warroroot. First level -east side.
  2. No idea, but a lot of work left to do even in the basic structure. No idea, but based on other private hospitals, I would venture a "yes". No idea, but as this is a private hospital, I would assume the answer is "yes". For further info... GIYF
  3. Went and found it myself: N19 53.703 E99 49.873 Phahon Yothin Rd., Rop Wiang Mueang Chiang Rai
  4. Where is it located?
  5. Amarin Photo, north on Chang Khlan Rd. about 50 metres south of the SCB building.
  6. Say what? I noticed several inflammatory posts above basically suggesting non-legal actions against the school. Those kinds of statements can only be from persons who know nothing about the school or the fire. The school is a non-profit venture funded by individuals promoting educational opportunities for hill-tribe children who would otherwise have no possibility of getting an education. Surviving on donations. The school is massively under-funded, barely scrapping by with the funds they do collect. The school could not afford to install fire or smoke detectors. Yes, the fire happened, and children died. But instead of promoting vigilantism, why not make a donation to the school so they can afford to provide a higher standard of car for the children. You can be like the parents of the children at the school who in the weeks following the fire, came and cleaned up the site. Or be like the motor-cycle gang that descended on the site several days after the fire, bemoaning what happened, leaving empty beer cans all over but not leaving one satang donation for the care of the children.
  7. The border crossing opens at 8:00am (assuming the immigration officers get there at the time they are supposed to). The line-up usually starts before 7:00am - if immigration officers arrive early, they actually start early.
  8. As usual. Folkguitar is promoting the unpromotable. Cm strawberries for the most part, are crap. Spend your 20B and buy a sleeve, so you are tell FG how full of it he is again.
  9. Just a word of caution. My wife and I were there last week. It was a great disappointment. My Wienerschnitzel was so soggy with fat that I had to ask for extra napkins just to drain it. I eventually gave up. I will not be back.
  10. Nan Boutique Hotel. Nice rooms, great breakfast. 054775532
  11. Deliveries during the Christmas season are always slow - for me at least. Thin packet to Canada - sent Dec 3rd by registered airmail, still hasn't arrived. Irritating but somewhat understandable - for Canada at least. Canada Post did not hire extra sorters this Christmas the way they have every previous year. A mountain of mail is still waiting in Vancouver and Toronto sorting centers (according to Canadian media).
  12. Whether you have a lawyer draft a will with the associated costs, or have it done by the amphur office (minimal cost if any), you STILL will require probate. That is a requirement in most countries of the world, including Thailand. If your will if tricky, or very complex, I would agree with CM. If it is a "normal" will with minimal complexities, go the amphur route.
  13. Free. 1, Make an english draft of what you want your will to be. 2. Go to your amphur office and ask for the person responsible for wills. 3. They (assuming they have someone who understands English) will translate it into Thai and register it; giving you a code number the executor of your will can obtain a certified copy in the event the registrant passes away. Simple - you can top them a few Baht. In the event the office doesn't have an english reader, go to one of the translators in the city and have them translate it for you.
  14. Nonsense has been the trademark of many structures over the years. Like an office complex called the World Trade Center; the Alpensicht (alp view) center in Hamburg; the Snowflake Center in Miami, and so forth. What's the problem?