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  1. If I was going out on the thieve, Id wear something neutral. I wouldn't be wearing those distinctive blue check shorts or the bright red sports shoes with a Pansy pink hat!
  2. Phew! that puts the majority English, Americans, Australians in the clear.
  3. I use my sisters address for bank and any other correspondence. For me it's also useful when traveling back with the mrs as I always print off her latest letters and bank statements as proof of uk residence to immigration if we have problems
  4. Shush! Don't tell them. I still have my ISA's for what the interest rate is worth these days.
  5. He got a call saying his favourite food stall just opened
  6. Unfair fight as the taxi driver couldn't kick the other guy in the head wearing a helmet
  7. This is the only video I've seen here where it's one on one, such a big man.I think she did very well to take that beating and not go down, Looking at the footage he wouldn't stand a chance with a man with any punching power. Payback is the best justice for this puny thug, I'm 100% certain he's gonna beg for mercy very soon! Run run you faggot.
  8. I had the same fright once before, but after getting off the toilet seat, I realised it wasn't a Cobra after all. Sorry!
  9. Would need to be a much more advanced robot to be used as police than that thing in the video. No more than a Gimmick.
  10. You know that's not gonna happen here. Drugs and theft is taken more serious than murder or attempted murder.
  11. The very many non good Samaritan's here would rather stop and video the carnage to fuel their bloodthirsty lust.
  12. I wonder how Thailand would fair in a real war with another country where the odds were even, Think they'd all scatter and run like frightened mice. Cowards.
  13. Another Garry Glitter on the loose. Castrate him for sure
  14. The meter's been wired.
  15. It's like I'm reliving my youth here in more ways than one. Spikes and broken glass on property walls, hanging electric death cables everywhere, blocked footpaths and trip hazards or no footpaths at all. Not giving my age away as such, but I think I remember all the above and more 50 years ago.