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  1. The problem with using the WP pump is that there is a great deal of difference between full and restart pressure and even at highest most water heaters do not supply good shower flow - perhaps OK if you are used to water saving taps but living outside developed countries most of my life I prefer a bit more water for my showers - which are short - so probably not more total water used.
  2. Actually do not recall (getting old and never did it) but believe it may be from application as it is not an approved extension (which would start at end of current stay).
  3. Actually your extension will not be allowed - you get the 7 days to leave in that event. So do not worry when they say an extension is not approved.
  4. You have until midnight on the day of expiration of permitted to stay, although airport may not charge fine for up to one day overstay your passport will be stamped as overstay - not good. You can apply for an extension of stay using normal TM.7 and if not meeting valid conditions be allowed up to 7 days to depart (which seems to be what your friend really means). .
  5. Looks like this - auto-closure at top keeps door closed so no issues about I forgot - and latch to keep night visitors out. Doorknob actually has a bit of glow in dark but any will work - just remove the latch part. Only downside is sometimes forget when opening a normal door that have to turn the knob.
  6. Reliable sources - all.
  7. As a former customer at Vejthani (and current for some things) found there markup to be much more reasonable than at most hospitals - but yes it will be a bit more expensive if drugs bought there (but you know storage is in air conditioned area 24 hours a day rather than the 12 at many other sources). Expect for just injections would have to pay a doctor consult fee and not sure they would want to inject something they did not source. As said an off-duty nurse during lunch hour at your home might be the best option if you do not want to DIY. Latphao Hospital, next to Foodland, might be another option - generally cheaper than Vejthani but fewer foreign customers. And depending on your location there are other close hospital options.
  8. As noted your OP does not detail exactly what you want. As for last post about "forms that the USA Consulate next door needed (to recognize the marriage in the USA)" am not aware of anything required as a Thai marriage is legal in USA period. For specific legal purpose, such as visa/insurance/pension or such an official copy of Thai marriage certificate is only normal requirement AFAIK.
  9. I suspect just from cost factor there will be newer and better test equipment available in Bangkok - at the cost of some equipment hospitals really need to have a lot of use for it to make ends meet. Agree that black nose/face used to be true in the diesel days in the center of Bangkok areas - but remember Bangkok is a bit larger than most cities - air has become much better in last several decades with the switch to gas, even downtown..
  10. I did not advise travel for skin condition and I clearly stated had no idea of what the condition was - just noted that Bangkok is the center for the medical profession in Thailand and always has been - and I base that on being treated here since the days of the US Army 5th Field Hospital being a leading facility on Sukhumvit Road (things have greatly improved since then thank goodness). But I was not trying to be condescending in my comment as understand there will be good doctors there; but do not believe anywhere near the number as in Bangkok. As for smog - Bangkok is flatland so not much of a smog center.
  11. Actually you can have mouse anywhere in in message text box area and it will darken - but almost impossible to see if you do not.
  12. Believe it is 2 baht per MB. Costly/quickly.
  13. Sorry but do not agree - the people being treated in Phuket are doing so because they are in Phuket. It is not an international medical hub (all hubs are in Bangkok - we all know that). Specialist and experienced doctors are much more likely to be found in Bangkok - but agree that does not rule out there being some excellent doctors in Phuket. And in most cases the best doctor is the doctor you like and gets it right for you.
  14. Remove the locking/latch from door (can do with any normal doorknob set) and install door closure and a sliding lock for privacy if needed (doorknob just used to push/pull door open). I have been using such an arrangement for several years for bedroom and find it works well.
  15. From OP believe best to take to a fan repair shop to fix - should be easy and inexpensive. But as said at 6 years you have probably obtained normal life if used often - but predicting death is rather hard. Would you like an excuse for a new remote controlled fan?