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  1. I am confused about the value. Whilst I appreciate a premium may be obtained when selling the coin due to its particularly high purity and rarity, a premium of 300% making the realisable value 400% of the face value sounds very unlikely.
  2. It will happen. It always happens. Look at Thai history. It is a circle that keeps repeating. Centralised military rule --> Poor governance --> Protest --> Military crackdown --> Civilian deaths --> Retreat to barracks --> Military - appointed technocrat government --> New constitution --> Elections --> Civilian rule --> Military-nexus' snout pushed out of the trough --> Coup --> back to the beginning The anti-junta side need an opportunity to galvanise a mass movement. So far the junta has kept a lid on everything. That was why they were so nervy about Dhammakaya. Unlike sub-Saharan Africa, there is a limit on how many countrymen the military are prepared to massacre in any given administration.
  3. Yes, you are. This is not the West. There is nobody monitoring in real time the hundreds of security cameras in this unnamed mall. In fact, they probably just record and may not have the facility to be viewed simultaneously.
  4. The crashed bike appears to clip the standing guy's heel. Give it an hour and his ankle may resemble a balloon if there is damage.
  5. Fleeing from a state security snatch squad?
  6. The issue seems to have been related to the fact they were travelling on a special pass for company staff and a dress code applies. Presumably they were family. Sounds like someone is twisting the story because they didn't want to pay for a regular ticket.
  7. LMAO at this post. Trump ran for President on the basis of around 5 key promises. He picked them. He chose the narrative. One of them was to restructure healthcare making it "better at a fraction of the cost IMMEDIATELY". When he fails to deliver, it's Ryan's fault because Trump "has not been in politics long enough". Ridiculous. I will give you another scenario. Trump was completely bloviating whipping the crowd's anger up, blaming Obama for everything. He had no plan. He could not be bothered to look into or work on the details. He was making fantastic promises that he could never deliver on. When he gained the presidency, he delegated the job of coming up with a healthcare plan to others. Surprise, surprise, the Republicans come up with a plan that involves tax cuts for their wealthy donors. The plan tried to match Trump's rhetoric whilst also meeting Republican Party priorities. This was an impossible compromise because the two were miles apart. Result = failure. Expect to see more of the same except on issues where Trump's personal interests are affected such as his investments in Russia. In those cases he will move heaven and earth to ensure he gets his way even if the U.S. nation loses heavily.
  8. When you are claiming to be a businessman at the age of 21 in Thailand When you are dropping many times the average salary for a bike When you have not test ridden the bike When you are paying over the odds When you are buying it for your "brother" I can assure you there is a massive back story here not being told. All is never what it seems in Thailand.
  9. Perhaps you may wish to revisit your calculation. Perhaps maths is not one of your strong subjects.
  10. Not quite the case here. Khalid Masood spent several years in Saudi Arabia. Most imams in the UK have had foreign training. The internet means anybody can watch a Salafist hate sermon preached in Saudi or Syria from the comfort of their council house in Rotherham or Luton. Though I take your overall point. It is much easier for people raised in the UK to be programmed as suicide attackers as their presence and movements raise no suspicions. Short of draconian security laws and internment, we have unfortunately created a problem for generations to come. Terrorism is just the public face. We have a society within a society which threatens many of our instutions and values. Child exploitation, benefit and tax fraud on an industrial scale and the corruption of trial by jury spring to mind.
  11. You have made an incorrect assumption. Look at the beneficial ownership of the casinos and where the profits end up and you will see that the Thai elites (well, some of them) are very content with the status quo. Remember, all is rarely what it seems in Thailand or on its borders.
  12. Indeed, put like that, it does seem to support your theory. However, may I put it like this. Losing is not an option for Trump. If you look back at his past (pre-politics), at his spats with journalists, writers and creditors, he was always determined to have the last word. He would bear grudges for years. He would take names. Not getting his own way was deemed a personal slight. There was little compromise. He would never accept he was wrong or he had lost. He has lost this game (healthcare). He did not get the votes. So, he cancelled the game, picked up the ball and took it home. I put it that it is not that he really wanted to keep Obamacare (he has no position) but rather that he must never lose. That is his guiding light not any philosophy on social inequality. Therefore, the "giving in" is not giving in in his mind, it is a tactical retreat, it is really the first round in a battle with a new foe (The Freedom Caucus) who must be dominated. The battleground (healthcare) is purely incidental. If he subjugates them in some other way with some other issue, then he has won in his own mind.
  13. Whilst your "conspiracy theory" above is certainly possible, I beg to differ. Your theory implies Trump has a vision, an ideological policy position and a grasp of the detail of the effects of legislation on people's lives. My view is you are giving him too much credit. I believe he has no overarching vision, no ideological positions and only a very limited technical grasp of the effects of legislation on ordinary people's lives. I would also add he seems incompetent in the mechanisms of government and not willing to learn. I believe he ran for President to boost his own brand and protect his business interests primarily and secondarily due to his own huge ego and lust for dominance over others. He couldn't care less, in my opinion, how healthcare is paid for in America. It certainly has never affected him. He just simply wants to be praised and dominate proceedings. Any system from a socialist fully-funded system to a totally capitalist private system would be fine with Trump as long as he could crow about it and splash his name front and centre. Tax reform may be a lot closer to his heart, or should I say wallet. Here self-interest comes into play as it does for most of his cabinet. I suspect he will be significantly more engaged on this.
  14. If you have no need to visit an immigration office, there is generally no need to complete a TM30.
  15. You're a recent arrival, aren't you?