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  1. Nothing new with the notorious bus # 71
  2. Yah right i was just stuck in ramkamheng road this morning
  3. "Thank goodness some people spoke up." she said, "if they hadn't stopped this woman her and others like her would take the whole beach home with them - sand, stones, coral and all - within a year". and build an Island in the west PH sea!LOL
  4. Damn Chinese even identities are fake
  5. And It the Van driver's fault he has to pay up!
  6. " Vietnam used to be part of China 14 centuries ago before gaining independence, and is still dependent on China" they jusy claim whatever they see. damn filthy arrogant Chinese
  7. He'll be doing it again next year , he sees to it that he makes the news yearly for a new motorbike LOL
  8. No Homicide or murder charges? yeah bail out and sleep tight
  9. I got mine in Thai,, where can I Download the english version?
  10. Those who pointed the finger at the Burmese, should be charged with Moral Damages or at least make a public apology!
  11. "he was sorry for spoiling the good name of the resort" how many times was he sorry ? how many frang did he hit prior to this?
  12. Pongpat said it was a “suspect’s right” to decline testing. Just wondering if everyone has this right or just the wealthy
  13. The Monk trusts the dog more than a human companion,, whats wrong with that?