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  1. Err... because they depart from the same pier?, Which is has been a cluster-<deleted> since day one of its existence? I was there 2 months after the pier opened & some guy got electrocuted & died. Vely professional people indeed. I'm terrified of any Thai mass transport. Mayhaps this new ferry does have brand new life jackets? Give it a year & they'll be rotten pieces of junk. Once again I'll wish the best of luck to the operators and passengers, and if you like the service, then "Move out & draw Fire...Sir". Not saying it's doomed, just saying that I think it's a Titanic waiting to happen. It's not much different from your average mini-van or bus ride.
  2. Never been on it buddy, but have taken at least 100 trips to Ko Larn on the ferries with my wife & daughter. They had life jackets that had been hanging on the rafters and/or backs of seats, that were so sun-bleached, they'd have fallen apart if you sneezed on them. I always brought our own life jackets with us. Luckily, we never had to use them. I wish this ferry service the best of luck (and all who use them), but feel it's a disaster in the making. --------------- I was on Koh Phang An once, & could see the boats hauling a$$ between there & Samui at night. Sure enough 6 people died that night in a 30 foot speedboat. They'd illegally modified it from 2 to 3 engines & had it going 80 kph or so when the steering cable broke. It capsized & killed people. ------------- I had bought tickets for a "Catamaran" out to Phang An for the wife & I & got presented with pretty much the same boat the next day (about 3 days before the fatal wreck). It was most assuredly NOT what I'd seen on the tourist flyer. Next, being the STUPID-BOY I am, I got us a ride on a long-tail boat around Phang-An. It was akin to riding a slave galley with the gunwales of the boat just barely above the waves, replete with a 4 cylinder Isuzu truck engine, with no muffler whatsoever blasting us around the waves. The guy driving that boat every day had to be stone-cold deaf. I peeled 4 cigarettes out & tore the butts off so we'd have earplugs. Suffice it to say that I don't have a lot of respect for Thai mariners. --------------- First time I went to Koh Larn they had ancient jet-skis rigged up with 20 hp Yamaha outboard engines! That thing could chop your neck off!
  3. My guess is that she smokes CNN (Clinton News Network) everyday, and has never gone fishing or out in a swamp to hunt for food. I don't really like hunting myself, but LOVE fishing. I've caught monster fish & even a couple hammer head sharks. They are fun! I'd love to get out in Norway on a fishing cruise sometime....Maybe harpoon a whale if it was legal? Yes they were hunted stupidly in the past, almost to extinction, but these days, sometimes a culling is required, or at least a quota. I think Thailand might be a happier place if they'd cull the soi dogs.
  4. Yes, he was maybe/probably an ivory poacher that lost that hand of poker. We'll never know. All I do know is DON'T F with elephants! I won't even get within 50 yards of the ones that are supposedly tame. Same goes for lions, tigers and bears.
  5. Well said. A cuddly newborn cow calf is cute, yet turns into hamburger someday, which tastes good! I've never been to Norway, but am guessing it's a bit like Denmark, where I worked for 6 weeks once upon a time in Aalborg, Jutland. If I believed in reincarnation, coming back as a Danish bicycle seat would be fun. I had a blast in that town on the weekends.
  6. I snagged two Tag-Hauer watches for my brothers once, knowing they were fake, but ah well. One lasted less than 24 hours. The other one lasted a whopping 2 months.
  7. At least you had an excuse for a life jacket. Yeah....I've been on that same pier. It was unfinished for years & had rusty rebar jutting out of it. I haven't been out there in a long time, due to the chaos that is Bali Hai pier. Last time I went there I gave up on trying to park & just went to Rayong, where there were big globs of oil from the local refinery sloshing around. I haven't seen any reporting on the ferry pier at Koh Larn recently. I wonder if it has improved? Thailand really is a gorgeous country, but they just rape it every day.
  8. They should/could pull "Imminent Domain" under Article 44. Tear down half the structures built waaay back when, compensate the owners, and widen the roads, and build 8 or ten big parking garages. My Mother's house was built in 1967 & for sure, they are going to do that with half her front yard to make way for a larger road. Luckily she has a big front yard. I've never been able to understand why it is, in Asia, that folks build things so close to each other, and never take into account the need for people to park their cars. Tucom & Villa have the only parking garages in town that I know of. Getting to the Tucom garage is like threading a camel thru the eye of a needle as well.
  9. I hope it will be a successful & viable transport service. On the other hand, a couple clunker, ill/non-maintained Koh Larn ferries seem to go down every year. At least they are close to sea traffic lanes & most people are rescued. If one of these ferries catches fire, in Timbuktu Gulf of Siam.... Better hope you brought your own life jacket from the USA or Europe or OZ, as the junk they pass out will be 20 years old and/or the cheapest thing they can find, much like the motorcycle helmets.
  10. They just rape their own country as hard and fast as they can go it seems. I recall when Pattaya had just an old rickety wooden pier & 2 ferries a day out to Koh Larn, which was deserted for the most part. I recall going out there with two other passengers on a ferry once. Aside from me, there was my wife and a monk as passengers. Now they've ruined it with...you name it. I've only been to Kanchanaburi once. It was like every other Thai town. Just crowded. Not sure what the tourist attraction is there?
  11. Nah, they just want to say you! YOU! YOU! Corruption is the root of the problem, as well as that which we are not allowed to speak about. Prayut is mebbe a savior, maybe a disaster. I just wish he'd fire half the RTP on Friday & the other half on Monday.
  12. Fake news as in I have Trump's tax returns! It really is crazy how the media will make a mountain out of a molehill if it doesn't fir their agenda. Seeing how we get not much other than USSR style Pravda (otherwise it's off to the galag), I'd wager this news piece is aimed to help the powers that currently be.
  13. A crow stole my pack of cigars out of my golf cart once & promptly deposited them on top of a phone pole. ------------ My Mother has a dog that will bring you "something", (leaf, stick whatever). I just wish he didn't stink so bad.