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  1. I assure you they aren't as the crow flies but, as was already pointed out by someone else, logistically it is a different case as finished cars move by sea. However, i was involved years ago in moving engines by the planeload from South Africa for the Dagenham plant.
  2. To be fair, when the mayor announces a week long event " to promote Thai traditional values during the Songkran festival from April 12 to 20 in an effort to correct its image as a sex city" on Soi 6 it is either a misprint/mistake or indications of a severe curtailment of activities there.
  3. Not really - they are about the same distance away.
  4. Without an adequate explanation of why he can't return to the UK the alarm bells should be ringing, particularly since he has a conviction for violence in Thailand.
  5. Also not to forget there are some small groups who supported Brexit who would quite happily see the destruction of both the UK and the EU though, I would hasten to add, none I have seen posted on TV https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/mar/20/jim-dowson-back-scottish-independence-patriotic-news-agency-far-right?CMP=twt_gu
  6. I noticed HANA and EGCO jumping as well as I hold them both. Not sure on the HANA but also noticed DEMCO (also hold) rose strongly along with EGCO which could mean it is related to the ongoing investigation into windfarms and Sor Por Kor land deals where they both have a strong interest. I do get daily updates from broker, Maybank Kim Eng, but not seen anything there on these particular stock. Also good info from Pon at Thaicapitalist.com who gives a daily review of stocks in the news though thet are a bit sporadic at the moment.
  7. Siam Expat Foods, Soi Siam Country Club on Pattaya darkside has a reasonable selection. Also NaNa Deli a bit further up and round the corner on Nernplabwhan has a more limited selection but did have Cadburys creme eggs in the other day. There is a shop called Candyland on Theppasit Road (has a website if you google it) but I have never actually been in there.
  8. Was just typing about my connection being up and down for a week half way up Nernplabwhan but seemed alright today - them the connection went off for 5 mins.
  9. Erm no - we had already helped ourselves to Germany's so not that much to rebuild. The problems came later when we didn't upgrade old machinery but instead relied on cheap labour from the commonwealth through immigration hence the UKs poor levels of productivity.
  10. It was up to us what we took - fairness is a schoolyard arguement that is hardly relevant here.
  11. Also worth mentioning that for several decades after WW2 UK industry was using heavy machinery and equipment they took from Germany as reparations leading to a jump in productivity by Germany as they were forced to retool with more modern equipment whilst the UK sat back and relied on older gear - some of this equipment taken from Germany was still in use 40 years later. Ironically the UK turned down the machinery and tooling from Volkswagen enabling them to stay in German hands building beetles.
  12. Does seem of late that they are desperate to lay their hands on any cash they can so might not be so much political as opportunistic.
  13. The problem with that is it is not clear if it is in their remit to do so. Once the UK leaves the EU the rules governing what rights individual EU nations give to UK citizens becomes a national issue.
  14. Seems to be some reassuring newscoming out of the UK that the government have a plan to deal with people who are struggling with their pensions - the Torys have your backs on this. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/top-torys-heartless-plan-put-7551536