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  1. There people here who know better then I do. My guess is that a sewing machine is not a big problem. As it has already an adjustable speed....
  2. 316 has better corrosion protection, 304 is easier to machine. In the past 304 was also called "turning quality" while 316 was called "welding quality" Maybe these names are now outdated because better tools (welding and cutting) Arjen.
  3. To get on all places equal amount of water, run something like a 1" tube to several directions, with your holding tank as center. Connect from the 1" tube your dripping system, whatever system you want to use. Arjen.
  4. Like always, Crossy provides the best answers! Even people who know something about electricity can go very wrong when things are complete different as they expect. Rings you find only in UK. Once a friend of me got a heavy electric shock because someuse a ground wire (the color from a ground wire) as live. He was (and luckily is) an electrician. When you feel happy with your rings, it is not my task to convince you it is not a good idea, when you are happy, I am happy for you! Arjen.
  5. I think to prevent "confusing other people" is a very valid reason. Same as in a breaker box or all incomers are on top, or at the bottom, but do not mix. This is also to prevent confusion. Color codes for cables, is also to prevent confusion. Once when you are dead (I hope after many, many years) and someone starts to work on your ring and has removed the what he thinks is an incoming wire, he can find out on a nasty way that there is still power on the following outlets... Arjen.
  6. @MikaQ5 Usual must start on a young age to give some (fake) medicines, or medicines they like the taste from (like oral Ivermectine). Not all our dogs are very friendly, but when we are holding our dogs, we taught them that everyone is allowed to touch them. This makes it easy for the vet to check the dog. Lucky for us the dogs eat easy medicines, and they are easy at the vet, even with injections, or checking gum or whatever nasty things the vet need to do in the dogs opinion. But I am afraid you are now to late.....
  7. I thought I have seen many ticks..... Arjen.
  8. I do not have enough knowledge to speak about grounding. But I have some knowledge about corrosion. The corrosion on SS is a bad conductor, the corrosion on aluminium is an isolator, and the corrosion on copper is a conductor. Is it not a better idea to hit a copper tube (as used for airconditioning) in the soil? When the tube is not strong enough you can also put a steel core in it, that does not need to fit tight. A very easy way to get any piece of metal in soil is use a drill hammer, preferable one with a rotation stop. But even when the drill rotates and you have something what transfers the hammering to your piece of metal it enters amazing easy the soil. Arjen
  9. First I always used the types with the brass thread, because I thought it is stronger. But several connections failed because I pulled out the bras part from the PVC part... Arjen.
  10. Thanks for the reply Kickstart! This gives a good starting point. Arjen.
  11. Dog/cat fleas do not stay on humans. They target them when nothing else is available. This causes bite marks and itching. It is very unlikely you will walk around with these fleas.
  12. Good day! I am looking for a source to buy around 1.500 liter fresh cow milk every 2 weeks. I am located in Surat-Thani, but travelling is not a big problem. Anyone ideas? Arjen.
  13. I am not sure if it is something local from my place (the south) or if it is a Thai thing, but here once ayear all dog, cats, and monkeys can have a free rabies vaccination....
  14. Sorry!!! It is the other way round, blue is neutral and brown is live!!! Arjen.