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  1. my comments: -a low noise inverter pump is the optimal solution for those who have the pump mounted in their living room or bedroom, -it's cheaper and less repair headache to achieve a balanced water supply by adding a pressure tank of adequate size, -pumping x-volume of water requires y-consumption of energy. inverter pumps have not yet bypassed the laws of physics even though clever marketing people claim they have.
  2. that's the usual ignorant blah-blah without any supporting evidence! my first visit to Thailand was 44 years ago, spent uncountable holidays in Thailand with my wife and we are fulltime residents since more than 12 years and haven't noticed any contempt towards us.
  3. Any contract made that violates the law is not worth the paper it is written on. It is unenforceable and it would be null and void if taken to court. You are basically accepting an unenforceable promissory note which the contra-party may or may not abide by -- most likely not.... and any inheritors of that promise (through sale or inheritance) definitely would not feel bound by the note. contracts of 30+30+30 or even 30+500+1000 do not violate any law. of course they are not enforceable but valid if the parties stick to the conditions.
  4. a week without 21 eggs is a sorry week.
  5. me too... about once every leap year.
  6. where's the beef, the pork, the prawns?
  7. no it's not doable!
  8. people who travel a lot within continental Europe might disagree.
  9. a lot of people are not aware that it's the EU that causes tsunamis, earthquakes, double pricing in Thailand, 90 days reporting and yearly extensions of stay instead of permanent residence. there is however no hard evidence that AIDS and bar fines are EU inventions.
  10. i was 15 too and carried it proudly in my wallet. till my mother found it!
  11. and after your 17th reincarnation you will still be disappointed.
  12. As foreigners in this country, we have absolutely no input into whether the endemic corruption continues forever, or stops tomorrow. None. Zip. Zero. Our only decision is whether we stay here and accept it, stay here and tilt at windmills (consigning ourselves to misery), or don't stay here. whether living with corruption is a misery or a blessing which facilitates life is a matter of perspective. to each his own!
  13. No there are not. You may think you have fooled the system. You have not. The only person you have fooled is yourself. The courts have not strayed from the enforcement of the ownership provisions ever. fairy tales don't become true no matter how often they are repeated. correct me by providing links to relevant court cases.