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  1. You know what they say, "Gotta make hay while the sun shines." ... or while the Vigo burns. ... or whatever.
  2. Regardless, obviously not old enough to smoke!!!
  3. Yes, their BOGOF special for walk-in's is also available on their delivery service.
  4. Thus the myth propagates.
  5. Meeting set up in Bangkok.... "Hey boss! I think I've got one!!!" The use of the term "little" in relation to "chance" indicates someone who doesn't pay much attention to the old adage, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."
  6. So there you have it folks. The soul-shattering news that one, as yet unidentified Pizza Co location was out of thin and crispy dough yesterday. Pass it on!
  7. About 45 minutes from the Auto Alliance factory and all parts ordered (so far) delivered within 24 hours. Yes! It's a Ford! Eat your heart out! (they don't self-immolate either)
  8. A TV member saying they are going to sue another for defamation is simply exhibiting their über Thainess and is to be pitied more than scorned.
  9. Yeah, one of my previous rides was a Massey Ferguson so we had all sorts of fixes for all sorts of issues. For example, keeps jumping out of gear? Add sawdust. Hard to change gear? Add gear oil.
  10. I don't do FB either. I guess I will bite the bullet and hit it sometime next week. The baht buster is the loss leader at the original Retox and not offered at their Soi Honey location either. I guess doing that elsewhere would be economic suicide. Either way, it's nice to see a new place opening over on the dark side, especially in (whatever passes for) low season and more especially on SSCC where I would wager the never-ending road works have killed a fair few acceptable dining and shopping venues.
  11. Oh no... not this again. "... folk like you..."
  12. Noooooooo..... you mean like THIS!!!!
  13. No. It's the exceptionally short short-time rate. Usually for those with 'sensitivity' issues (and tissues).
  14. I don't know but why don't you start if off and we'll see how it goes?