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  1. thanks ubon joe and all
  2. Thanks that was my plan but what about the TM30 do I need to worry about that or not since I wont ever be staying more than 30 consecutive days within the next year or so.
  3. In fairness the Govt official seemed very knowledgeable and spoke very good English. She also gave me her email address (should I have any further questions) and a list of papers required.
  4. I want to adopt so I have legal rights if something were ever to happen to my wife. At present I have no rights.
  5. Ubon Joe, Appreciate the very swift response and apologies for the confusion on my part. I guess I am asking about the non-immigrant multi entry visa then as currently I dont have a visa. I have been advised by the TH govt adoption centre in BKk, that to adopt my son I need a visa saying I can reside in TH so I guess this is the one. If I get this in UAE, then my understanding is that I wont be required to report to immigration unless I am in TH for 90 days or more. What about the TM30 though, will I be required to complete that or is it ok to ignore?
  6. I am starting a new topic as my situation is slightly different and I wanted to get a specific response, (apologies if this has already been answered but I couldnt see anything specifically the same). I regularly come to TH for less than 30 days. Now I want to adopy my step son and have been told that I need to get a spouse visa first. If I get this: 1/ Will I be required to complete a TM30 everytime I visit even if I never exceed 30 days? And if I choose not to complete the TM30 will I just be treated as someone on a tourist visa or will the spouse visa overrule this? 2/ Will the spouse visa hold true for a year even if I come and go every two months or so wihout ever exceeding one month at any one time? What I mean is will I still be required to report to immigration every 90 days even if I am never in TH for more than a month at a time? 3/ Anything else I need to consider or be aware of? Thanks in advance 😉
  7. cheers, did actually get a couple before from CK store but forgot to report back.
  8. according to wikipedia 9.6m passengers last year, so 100% imcrease planned for. Not unrealistic numbers if we are talking mid to long term.
  9. its after makro if you proceed in the one way direction just before the left turn on the superhighway crossroad. i imagine around 200 metres or so on from Makro if thst makes sense. The Makro on the Lamphun / Lampang superhighway I am tslking about, not the one near/in Hang Dong
  10. what are the prerequisites?
  11. money changer all day long
  12. thanks for taking your time to review and post.
  13. sounds a great idea, unfortunately I am out of the country so cannot come along. Enjoy
  14. new owners? 😳