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  1. This is just too, too funny. A "must" read. Entertainment value BIGLY. http://www.vanityfair.com/news/2017/03/graydon-carter-trump-presidency-is-already-a-joke
  2. I wouldn't say never.
  3. He still has his rabid base. If he loses much of that, I can see the republicans smelling blood. As they have all the power now, that's where the action is.
  4. He may indeed quit but I assume that would be more of a PUSH quit than a free will quit. Like if the treason investigation heats up, I doubt he would go through an impeachment process. He can just get Pence to agree to pardon him. But not sure, I wouldn't put starting a violent civil war beyond him (and Bannon) if it gets too hot. Other very possible scenarios. A Putin style false flag "terrorist" attack which he can spin into literally becoming a dictator. That's what he really wants, obviously, CEO dictator of everything.
  5. I don't see him as the quitting kind. Yes he moves on from failures but it's never his fault.
  6. Americans elected him. He's horrible and ridiculous but it says something really embarrassing about our country. Americans CONSENTED to this. OK, not the majority of voters, but he won, and that indicates to me a nation in serious peril that has not only lost it's moral compass, but really any kind of compass. It's no wonder that America's adversaries and enemies are salivating now. They don't have to beat us. We're doing the work for them.
  7. Yeah I never heard about the tax rule either but there are rules about spending time in the U.S. Not sure how you define establishing a bone fide residence with people that are on non-immigrant visas.
  8. Again, what are you on about? Dude, I clearly implied there were RULES to qualify as a bona fide expat. If you spend too much time in the US you don't qualify. I don't like that either I will admit but if you do repatriate before 65 you will like the chance to get health cover with preexisting conditions accepted. Nobody is saying ACA is perfect and doesn't need reform. But compared to trumpcare, ACA is much better. Personally, I'm for single payer universal as the ONLY way to significantly cut costs and provide cover for all citizens. To add, lower income people will not be subject to those non-compliance fines, at least I'm pretty sure about that. Of course there is no free lunch and neither ACA or anything the republicans have come up addresses the most severe issue, ridiculously high costs for almost everything in the system. Again, look to the civilized nations, it's not rocket science -- UNIVERSAL SINGLE PAYER.
  9. With 37 percent approval rating and rapidly dropping in the wake of trumpcare fiasco, yes, I do think the vast majority gets it. Fox will always be Fox.
  10. Not sure what you're on about. ACA law stands. The mandate and IRS penalties for non-compliance stands. Bona fide expats are totally EXEMPT from the mandate and fines. If you don't meet that test, you are not exempt. Nobody can predict the future, but I will take a crack. The republicans (and trump) totally burned by this fiasco will not attempt a legislative repeal until after the midterm elections, and hopefully by then the democrats will take over congress. trump will most likely do all he can to sabotage the existing ACA and that's disgusting and murderous and very politically risky. He hopes the voters will blame the democrats but his party has total power now and playing with American's lives like that when you have total power is horrific and if there's any hope left for American democracy, trump and his party will PAY for that. There is a consensus political support among the PEOPLE to reform and repair ACA. That may not be possible to even start that before one or two elections. My other prediction, the next presidential election will likely be about going to universal health care vs. Ryanism (let the poor, old, and sick die with total "American" "freedom").
  11. The vast majority of Americans get it now. He's a total con man, massively incompetent, way above his head for the job, and mentally unstable as well. He's got his base which largely knows this too and LIKES it. How can this MADNESS stand for four years?
  12. Please avoid hot political comments here. There are other threads for that. This thread is about discussion of practical information impacting or potentially impacting either expats or repatriating expats related to the uncertainties in the U.S. health care system.
  13. ALL trump ALL the time. This is not good. http://foreignpolicy.com/2017/03/24/trump-narcissim-trancendental-solopsim-opportunity-cost-media-cycle-greatness-china/
  14. Sensible, humane advice on the best next steps that tragically you can get your booty trump will ignore. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/the-real-way-republicans-can-deal-with-obamacare-actually-fix-it/2017/03/24/cef5eba6-10c8-11e7-9b0d-d27c98455440_story.html
  15. Some good info here. Don't want to get a bad rating from the drivers! God forbid you make them wait 5 minutes! https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/cab-driver-nightmares?utm_source=vicetwitterus