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  1. What color are the luggage tags? ;-)
  2. Seems that the complaint about the 90 day reporting is just baseless whining, considering how easy, seamless, and prioritized the TE visa seems to make it. Honestly, if someone considers mandatory flights and visa runs to be 'more convenient' than either a 5-10 minute reporting, or even sending it in via courier or mail, then I do have to question those 'complaints'.
  3. For many of the haters it is politics. Who was PM when the Thai Elite was started?You are right, in part. It is about politics, indeed, and at "that time", some foreigners were feeling like the PM was their enemy. But... Don't we hear the same complaints ("the government and the Thais hate us") from exactly the same posters and this exact moment, with the present government and present PM? I think it is more about lack of funds and jealousy. Seems to consistently be the underlying reason - look, everyone ought to realize that Thailand is more enjoyable (or, really, only enjoyable) if you have money - consistent in the way Thailand and Thais appreciate money. This is simply a service and level of comfort granted by a larger initial outlay of money - as it has been shown that, overall, there is little difference in price between perform inconvenient visa runs, versus the Elite solution.
  4. Seems pretty obvious value to me.
  5. Which is? Doesn't give you a 5-year pass, and potentially costs a lot more, doesn't it?
  6. It will mean whatever he can get away with while moving the goalposts...
  7. In other words, the Thailand Elite Card PE visa is the iPhone of Thai Visa options - with the same envious detractors posting the same fabrications ;-)
  8. As they are doing with those abusing education visa, or other forms of non-work visas. What is your point, except the usual attempt to spread FUD?
  9. So, every exit/re-entry resets the year? Thus your option is to pay 1900 or take a trip somewhere outside, and you're good for another year? Also, didn't someone mention that the Thailand Elite Office takes care of the 90 day reporting, if you want them to?
  10. 10 minutes? Enough time for Bitcoin to have lost another 20% of its value. It's been on a freefall for months.
  11. Interesting topic. Couldn't you just use an ATM card, and withdraw money abroad? Or use your local account to pay a foreign bill via a bank wire?
  12. I'm sure that a Facebook page called "<deleted> the boys in brown" would be dripping with credibility - NOT. (Page currently suspended) Try again when you have a legitimate resource.
  13. ROTFLOL. The self-righteous are so easy to shoot down!!
  14. Sorry someone care to expand on this? Red bull give positive what?Positive pee drugs resultsIn English? The ingestion of red bull could alter your urine chemistry sufficiently to result in positive results when taking a drug test based on urinalysis. Clear enough?