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  1. was in back of a songthew today in CM, belching pollution, most should be taken to the scrape heap. mandatory safety and pollution checks for vehicles, stringent screening of the drivers. is needed. cry babies. what happen to the nice A/C 15 baht busses here in CM of few years ago? the could have expanded the routes? but no. why? let me guess? songthews want a monopoly at the expense of the public safety.
  2. and you wonder why Uber is becoming so popular. send these guys back to the rice paddies
  3. once NK developes a long range ballistic missile that can threaten the west coast of America i am sure it will than be a go mission for a strategist strike against NK's missile development facilities. in the meantime the Chinese need to convince NK of this. Trump is very impulsive and will not hesitate to use the military advantage that the U.S. clearly has. and i think that the U.S. would be justified in doing this considering the behavior displayed by Kim, a retaliatory strike on S.Korea by the North would be suicidal and Kim knows this. all of the NK forces on the the N/S boarder could be devastated in a hour by U.S. cruise missiles launched from subs in the S.China Sea. N. Korea's military would be neutralized and re-unification would proceed. it's all up to China at this point. China has a big stake in this game. the Chinese are smart enough to not risk a nuclear war with the U.S.
  4. rowdy back packers looking for a fight, quality tourist. lots of folks getting out.
  5. crazy Kim and Donald are narcissist and both are headed on a very dangerous collision course.
  6. i am a California boy and the Thai avocados are getting better with each season. not as watery as years gone by and healthy fat content has gone up. sadly the season is over, narry a Avo in sight with the exception of imports at Rimping and Tops. the Thai avocados where selling for 60 baht a Kg. no they are 100 baht ea. at Tops today. whatever got to have my fix.
  7. they will let them rot before lowering the price at Rimping. go figure
  8. why are Thais so obsessed with money?
  9. was it a Burmese pigeon?
  10. Hanoi is very smoggy. to be avoided. Chiang Mai looks like Palm Springs by comparison.
  11. changed my view of the States
  12. probably just stopped in for a drink
  13. pretty soon Thailand will be as boring as Santa Monica oh, i forgot we still have the 3rd. St. promenade.
  14. i find my size 46 at ECCO and Clarks shop, they will order from BK also. excellent quality