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  1. Sure. I'm there almost as often as I'm in Sanpatong. The savings are worth it. Last time I saved 11 baht.
  2. Damn! I got ripped off for 60 baht. It's a good thing I didn't buy one for every room in the house. Fortunately, my rooms are roughly the same temperature or I'd never be able to recoup the loss.
  3. Oops! Right..... Outside of Kad Suen Kaew. The door nearest the outside motorbike parking.
  4. I just bought this one today. 80 baht at the small outside kiosk, just outside the lower level door to the east side parking area. There were 5-6 of them on the hanger.
  5. Relevant? Does that matter? If someone doesn't find value in a product, he/she has the option to stop using it. No one forces us to participate in ThaiVisa, so if we do, that implies it DOES have some value to us. Perhaps the real question is; what is its value to the individual poster? For some, it's information sharing and community. For others, it's bitching and moaning. For still others, it's anonymous back-stabbing. The parent company isn't filling it with copy, only advertisements to pay its freight. It's up to the posters to provide the content. Perhaps the Chiang Mai forum only has 20-30 vocal posters (plus 3-4 sock-puppets,) but there is a much larger silent majority who read selected items and benefit from them. If someone doesn't like it, they move on. At least, the wise ones do.
  6. One more thought... There is a style of knife called 'assisted opening' which were designed to get around the laws banning automatic opening knives. Instead of a push-button or a lever, these use a protrusion on the base of the blade to pull on to start the opening sequence, and a spring inside that pushes the blade out the rest of the way. These have the opening speed of a switchblade without the complete reliance on a spring. Unfortunately, few of the assisted-opening knives have the "look" of the old-style Italian stiletto that many folks associate with a 'switchblade' knife, if that is needed for your production.
  7. You 'might' find them in the mil-surplus shops along the north-east side, outside of the moat... the ones with the big blue plastic barrels in front. Several of these shops carry a wide array of junk knives. Perhaps you can find them there.
  8. Thanks for the clarification. I didn't realize that you were with them. So... did YOU enjoy the Eggs Benedict?
  9. I'm not a big fish eater (unless it's fresh sushi-grade in my favorite kaitenzushi in Kyoto,) but there are tanks of live fish at the Tannin Market (Sriwattana Mkt) off Chiang Puak Rd. I have NO idea what so ever what these fish are, but I do know that they are swimming around the tanks! Perhaps it's what you are looking for.
  10. I find these two posts at odds with each other. In one you say it looked edible and non revolting and in the other, you say it looked like dog vomit. I have a feeling that we don't share a similar criteria for what looks edible and non-revolting...
  11. There was a documentary recently on TV about eye glass frames. It turns out that something like 95% of ALL eye glass frames are made in the same factory, and just branded for sale by different companies. RayBan, Armani, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Burburry, Oakley, etc., etc... all made in the same factory. The fellow who owns the factory (and owns RayBan now too) also owns two of the larger chains of Optical stores in the US. It's almost a monopoly on the frame game, so it's no wonder that the prices for 20 cents worth of plastic can sell for $200. If you get your eyes tested by a reputable eye doctor, and order your lenses on line, you can get some very good deals on frames. And as these days, EVERY shop sends out lenses to be ground via computers rather than hand grinding in their shop, you can be fairly sure of getting a very good deal!
  12. What exactly did you suppose that a plate of thick, gray-colored gravy with ground meat floating in would look like? Like "SOS,' this dish is not eaten for its beauty. This restaurant is one of the most well-respected breakfast/lunch venues in Chiang Mai.
  13. If freshly made, the McDonald's "Quarter-pounder with Cheese" is a decent 'sandwich.' I would hesitate to call it a decent 'hamburger.' The problem is, you have to request that it be freshly made, which negates the advantages of a 'Fast Food' restaurant. That said, the Burger King "Whopper with Bacon and Cheese" is a very good 'hamburger.'
  14. I confess that this may be an exaggeration. There might only be 271 known carcinogenic ingredients. But after living in Japan and eating the stuff for 15 years, I began to glow in the dark. Certainly not enough reason to turn me away from the stuff.
  15. I prefer to make my own from scratch, which is anything but bland, and takes just a couple of minutes to make. But in the name of sloth, I'll defer to 'Kewpi' brand Japanese mayo in the squeeze bottle, with its 273 known carcinogenic ingredients. Now THAT has flavor!