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  1. Problem solved, the DSI will have this sorted in a matter of decades.
  2. "Satit reportedly had assets worth over Bt19-million more when he left office than when he took the Cabinet position." "Pongthep reportedly had assets worth over Bt164 million more when he left than when he took the office." Clearly as pure as the driven snow, the pair of them. However, with a mere Baht 19 million gain, someone clearly has room for improvement in performance.
  3. Agree totally, what his sexuality is has no relevance, other than to act as clickbait for some people.
  4. But sadly, so many more who will not follow the same route.
  5. To be continued in tbe next episode.
  6. Got to store the water somewhere.
  7. Where would Thailand be without him? He is the Messiah. No, no, he is not just a naughty boy. Apologies to Monty Python.
  8. NIMBY Move along please, nothing to see here.
  9. An excellent move, for too long these peasants have siddled their way into Bangkok culture. They fail to understand that Royal Thai Cuisine does not involve a magnitude of chilli. They must be taken off the streets and returned (by force, if required) to the barren landscapes of Issan. For they are not Thai, they are not pure, unlike us. For we are pure Chino/Thai and this is our land. A land that has never been colonised. We are the people. PS. We also have guns.
  10. "Certified tourism personnel under the Asean Professional Registration System are eligible to work in all Asean member states. They do not need to be reassessed by the host countries, but they would be governed by domestic laws and regulations, said Wanasiri." Only a guess, but whats the odds that Thai domestic laws and regulations state that this is a restricted occupation "Thai Nationals only"?
  11. Shocked, who would have imagined such a thing happening in Pattaya. Anyway, soon to be a thing of the past when all the "happy zones" are up and running resulting in the City being crime free. Happy Days ahead. Medication time now.
  12. Charges of "criminal association", well one thing for certain, I am never going to speak/associated with another policeman or government official. Too risky.
  13. Certainly not if she was wearing a trouser suit! But then he would probably just assume she was a lesbian!