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  1. Any lease worth its salt should define who can occupy the property, prohibit subletting and the operation of a business of any kind without the express (written) permission of the lessor. It's not just Chinese tenants who feel that it's OK to move their extended family into a rental, I have heard this sometimes happens with Thais and others too. Other cultures may have a different view about renting and an agent or a landlord to let a property without specifying what they expect of a tenant is simply asking for trouble.
  2. Not in a country where the electric wires are measured in mm² and lengths in metres and the plumbing pipes are inches in diameter and metres in length....
  3. If Global House has failed, I'd try the water tech place (don't know the real name) on Hang Dong Road near to Airport Plaza. Heading out of town from the Mahidol Road junction, look for a big tyre retailer about 500m on the left and the water place is immediately next door. You can drive in off the road. The owner speaks perfect English. Failing that, I'd take a trip to the Koi stockist at Kamptien Market - opposite Grassylands, the irrigation shop.
  4. Well run show but could have used a bigger venue today - very hot and crowded. Some of the participants were just asleep at the wheel....
  5. Monochrome, colour, inkjet, darkroom? No one can help without clearer details!
  6. I believe that the proposal to start 24 hour operations was dropped in the face of significant opposition by those affected, and rightly so. Just so readers understand, I am not against the expansion of the facilities for air travel serving this area but approving often poorly thought through plans due to apathy or inaction is a really bad idea. The 24 hour flights business shows that the public is not entirely powerless and although as guests we have little in the way of influence, we can at least do our best to understand the issues and lend our support to those who do.
  7. ......then he'd do better to stay quiet, don't you agree?
  8. The problem is that even though the figures seem, shall we say optimistic, expansion on the scale envisaged is a one way street. Much of the damage will be done regardless of whether the targets are met although the flow of cheap flights from China shows no sign of slowing so who knows. To other posters: Read the Citylife article before commenting as many of the points raised are covered there. Yes, the plans were unveiled last year but they've been through some kind of ratification process and are now back on the table looking a step nearer happening. That's what makes this worth taking seriously. Sure, the airport pre-dates all of us (although KKK will probably claim to have been here first) but it's recently turned from a real convenience to a potential nightmare in my view. Yes, great to have arriving friends call when they reach the baggage claim and be able to pull up just as they exit the terminal, but a move towards 300% more aircraft movements? No thanks, I'd sooner have a 30 minute cab ride or better still a rail link (so would the cab drivers, I expect). An expanded airport needs to cater for more than the next phase and take into account supporting infrastructure to deal with all those extra people. Spending the money to enlarge a facility in the centre of town is short sighted in the extreme and will diminish the quality of life for huge numbers of people. To those who point out the jobs that a bigger airport will bring.... It will bring them wherever it is situated and it could just be that a less urban area could use the employment prospects more than the city dwellers. Please try to keep this on topic. Who in the world cares about the order of Ready Aim Fire, particularly given the inane post that introduced it.
  9. Yes, there's a big Nikon event in town through to the weekend I think. I'm deeply invested in Canon so won't be venturing out.... Re. 4/3rds : Not so much in our group. Most people downsizing from a DSLR have gone to Sony mirrorless which are either full frame or APSC. There are a couple of people using Panasonic and Olympus but they made the choice on the way up as it were.
  10. Actually, the aircraft noise is really bad for quite a wide area either side of the takeoff flight path - ask anyone who lives in one of the west facing apartments in Hillside 4. We live 4km from the airport, not under the flight path and are aware of planes all evening. Not loud, I grant you, but at busy times it seems almost continuous and I feel sorry for those closer, even at the current levels.
  11. OK, the thread title is a bit on the dramatic side but you need to do something on here to combat the overwhelming dominance of vitally important topics like Eggs Benedict and Hamburger Buns. Citylife reported yesterday that the latest plans for CNX call for massive expansion with up to 34 flights per hour in peak times and an eventual aim of a traffic increase to 20m passengers a year. A public meeting has been announced for those who are considered most affected, but since it's to be held on the 14th of March you can't but suspect that AoT are hoping that most people will miss it. People who live in Nimmenhamen, parts of Hang Dong and many other areas suffering from aircraft noise at the current levels probably need no urging to make their views known, but expansion of a city centre airport to the proposed size will have a serious impact on almost everyone living in town. Additional burden on the already congested traffic situation, more noise, air pollution not to mention the likelihood of a serious accident over an urban area, is a major issue for us all and I urge as many TV readers as possible to go to the meeting if only to demonstrate the level of concern among the general public. Don't let them ruin the city further without some kind of fight - don't we wish we'd done something more before the 30 meter billboards obstructed almost every attractive view in the area. You can read the report here.
  12. It was quite well attended and there was a lot of pretty good stuff on offer, but a disappointing number of real buyers so while it was a fun and social event no-one really cleared much of their stuff out. There were a bunch of real bargains and even some free items - times are tough when you can't even give things away! We'll give it another go next year and see if we can attract more serious visitors.
  13. CMPG is holding a photo flea market at 6:00pm today at River Market Restaurant (next to the old iron bridge). There should be plenty of interesting items so if you are looking to buy, sell, or just browse and meet some fellow photographers you're very welcome to come along. The market will be running until about 7.30 after which you can stick around as we review members' photographs.
  14. I'm discovering that it takes some time to dig out and prepare things to sell - a bit of a cleanup and making sure that any batteries are charged are about the minimum so if you're planning to come get on it now! In the meantime, here are some more items we're expecting: DawnTech GPS modules for Nikon (2) Diskless Synology DS210j NAS (Network Attached Storage) in very good condition. Runs perfectly. It was ran as a Raid 1 so that it backed up via Time Machine. Comes with the NAS, power cords, and a CAT 5 cable to plug into your router. All you need to do is add disks in the size you need. Small Metz 24 AF-1 flash for Nikon. Canon 270EX Speedlite Also, Photobug will be sending the guy who manages their used equipment department with some of their current items and they may be out to buy as well.
  15. And a few more to add to the party: Deawa professional tripod/w case Slik tripod /w case Impact Quickstik monopod Sunpak Quick release Kingjue pro Ball Head Lowepro camera bag Various lens cases Just a couple more days to go!