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  1. Could be : But so far where is the concrete proof ? And just exactly what first hand knowledge do you have on what the club owners and girls Know ?
  2. Check it out : Not necessarily about looks/hot.
  3. And now for some more Uncle Ray and The Rayletts. Especially the girl on the right. Is she cool or what.
  4. Blues in early 60's way different than late 60's
  5. For sure.
  6. Someone delete this post 15021 ^. Does not belong here. This Simon guy with his music show ruined pop music in the U.S. He led the show/judges promoting and rewarding this sorry, half slow half fast, whining style crap. .
  7. If Americans dont get on same page : Are you referring to the tens of thousands of Obama political appointees ( hacks) who are embedded in the executive branch. And on a mission to sabotage Trump,Including leaking classified material Or are you referring to the hundreds of thousands of anarchists and saps having a hissy fit that Clinton lost. Solution : Get rid of the hacks in executive branch. Re the anarchists out in streets. Thats what martial law is for.
  8. Re: money for projects. There are plans to streamline federal departments, ie eliminate massive duplicate expenses. Millions losing jobs ??.Latest jobs report added about 235 000 + bring manufacturing jobs back to U.S. Interest rates : Trying to have it both ways ^ Trumps fiscal policies : Infrastructure investment in ports, rails, bridges , roads, 3rd world airports will create jobs and attract business investment. Interest rate increases will increase inflows. The.years of sugar cool aid money printing monetary policy for the sole benefit of the stock market are finally over. It was Bush .who took the U.S. to the wasted and disasterous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan , then Obama with the Libya disaster. .
  9. For nice water take a day trip to Ko Larn. Top two Nual Beach. Middle two remote area between Nual Beach and Samae Beach. The girl at South end Samae Beach. So your beach and nightlife too.