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  1. Why bacteria levels at beaches are a state secret.
  2. There is a reason that beach pollution levels are a state secret.
  3. Sorted then.
  4. Less than 350,000 THB so I never have to do stupid annual reports to the US Treasury Dept. For big purchases like a car or whatever it goes through the TW acct.
  5. Can this train be boarded without a passport?
  6. Hi has anyone seen wood and canvas 'director' scissoring-folding chairs for sale anywhere on Phuket? TIA
  7. Well I don't know about novices. AFAIK for a temple to have official wat status there must be at least 5 monks in residence with an abbot. Most of the many temples in the Pai valley that I have visited do not meet this requirement, but the monks have all been old veterans rather than novices.
  8. Many smaller temples do not have an abbot in residence.
  9. Our 50' cat costs 12k/mo on the hardstand in Phuket when we are not sailing it. I cant remember what it costs to register it every year but it's not huge. Living aboard full time is by far the best and cheapest way to own a boat, and the living is pretty easy here. edit - and I've never experienced theft in 7-8 years but I stay away from Phuket as much as possible.
  10. We live aboard our sailing catamaran 3-4 months every year in the high season only, usually cruising between Langkawi to the South and Payam to the North. IMO this region is better suited for motor cruising than sail, and you can find very sheltered long term anchorages in all seasons at no cost. As mentioned a Thai captain license is easy to get and the requirement for an engineer was eliminated many years back. edit - It would be better to purchase a Thai-flagged vessel.
  11. It sure seems like it though...
  12. That stretch always seems to take 2 hours for me. The surface is slumping again in a few areas just up the mountain from Pai but otherwise the new road has made it much nicer. Flying is safer and you can easily rent a scooter to get around. The place seems busy now but not heaving like in past years; enjoy all the flowering trees before the smoke becomes unbearable.
  13. Sadly. Way better than Rimping.
  14. The only intellectual whores I have interacted with were university professors, lawyers, authors and health care professionals. Everyone else gave it to me for free. I have lived here for 17 years and was quite frankly shocked by the perception that there are so many older men openly contemptuous of foreign women here. That just hasn't been my experience, but everywhere you go - there you are.
  15. Really? Looked to me like a classic scoop out from a blown barrel roll with no looping segment at all.