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  1. Six months and a hefty fine according to this link. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr-esq/two-hollywood-producers-cant-escape-583974
  2. The Americans were named, tried, found guilty and sentenced in a US Court a number of years ago.
  3. I'm still awaiting the link to the three UDD members but then they're Redshirts so must be guilty.
  4. I await the charges of nationwide arson against the three UDD leaders then.
  5. One of wifey's friends grows organic Jasmine, dries and bags it herself and sells it at a much healthier profit than the usual white rice crap. She also works as a librarian so if she can handle all the organisation involved not sure why others don't do likewise.
  6. Sorry not a good idea to link to the page.
  7. Stills released of the scene show the deceased standing calmly by whilst the car is being searched with no evidence of the large knife/machete he was said to have threatened soldiers with.
  8. Seems today's lesson is "don't talk about soldiers killing teenage activists".
  9. As above ilikehd or use MOBDRO for free but need a fast connection for that.
  10. I had a phone stolen and AIS said they could track it with the IMEI but also said they required a police request to go ahead.
  11. After improving the workplace to enable those with disabilities to work there maybe something could be done about transport, pavements etc so the disabled can actually get to work.
  12. So Railway Police will be keeping security outside of the Railway Station. One wonders why they cannot do that inside the Railway Station so that farepaying passengers waiting an early train do not have to wait outside on the pavement? Or am I missing something?
  13. It was a cop chasing on a motorbike.
  14. In our village just about every household has a firearm of some sort....the majority seem to be unlicensed.