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  1. Another DAFT post.........Gawd.. Can YOU read what folk are thinking..........YES or NO....
  2. Must confess JW did make me frown a bit but l didn't get bored, KR looked the part, the JR actor didn't....Perhaps KR should have played JR...
  3. I don't have too, read many over the years....Get tired of it...
  4. JR was crap....JW was tongue in cheek but l had to watch it...It was OK, l didn't get bored with the filler stuff...
  5. Perhaps, but why, because Mrs.Trans is Isaan and folk like you come along with derogatory stuff aimed at Isaan ladies.....Your post, not mine....
  6. Don't think a book has anything to do with a film. Yes the plot comes from a book but to me on screen is a different thing...
  7. So your Mrs is an Isaan bird but not dumb...?
  8. So why did you go with birds with muddy feet....?
  9. You met these folk then, the girls l mean...?