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  1. "Sanam kirat tesaban", the stadium next to Chang Puak bus station is better for children playing I think. The area outside the stadium has a fair amount of things for children to play with, though more for children around 3-6 years, but may be worth a visit for the OP's kid too. Also has older guys on bmxs, playing basketball, etc.
  2. Hmm, no. I bought already bought Dylos particle counter some years ago, when deciding whether it was worthwhile to invest in air purifiers in the bedrooms and my studyroom. But if not I did not have something to measure things already, for sure I would consider it. Having something to measure the effect/improvements in the air I or my children sleep in, versus the outside, gives me considerable mental comfort. It also lets me see approximately how much time the air purifiers need to run at max speed to bring the air quality to a good level, and from then on, I can let them run at the medium speed (I do this since the max speed makes too much noise). So my usual procedure is to run at max speed the 15-20 minutes before bed, and then switch to medium when getting in to bed. With other air purifiers and rooms, I'm sure the amount of time would be different, and smaller air purifiers or more leaky rooms may require running at max speed all the time. Can't tell without something to measure things yourself.
  3. Of course not. Nobody forgets to eat, and if forgotten for a few hours, no harm is done. News alerts like this help remind everyone to be alert. While you're out at the back of your house, and your child is playing in front, some devil may appear out of nowhere in the blink of a moment and steal your child. They remind all of us that these devils exist. Here. Now. One cannot be alerted often enough about this. Understand the difference?
  4. I bought another Blueair 603 from here in Thailand a month or so ago, but had I kept following the blog of the guy who reviewed the Xiaomi, I'd have bought that instead I think, after checking from the specs sheet that the volume of air it moves is comparable to the 603. Though at that price, one could buy several of them before reaching even half the price of a Blueair 603. Sounds like a great product from a company who appear to make good quality products. I usually prefer to buy stuff at Home Pro, as I've never had any trouble with returns there. Not sure about the price for air purifiers, but after comparing the prices of other things, I have got the impression, right or wrong, that Powerbuy is overpriced.
  5. I have no idea about the scene, but I was there one day last year. Lots of young-ish people dancing, waving glowsticks, drinking in moderation for the most part. Happy, festive mood. Music at the time I went was mostly techno-like if I recall correctly.
  6. It's not deceiving if pm 2.5 monitoring equipment simply was not available in most regions when the Thai's created their own good/bad thresholds for AQI. I'm sure the cost of pm 2.5 monitoring equipment has fallen, and probably continues to fall, and that is why it has now become available in more and more regions in Thailand. The rest of the world also based itself on pm10 until recently, for much of the same reason as Thailand I'm sure. Much more questionable is Thailand creating its own thresholds for what constitutes good/bad air, rather than adapting the WHO's thresholds.
  7. While bringing attention to pm2.5 vs pm10 is good, I think both the article and the greenpeace guy talk a lot of nonsense when they insinuate the government is trying to hide the pm2.5 data somehow, but the "non-government" aqicn site somehow reveals this secret data. - The aqicn site almost certainly is getting the data from the Thai government website ( - Anyone can access the Thai government website and get the pm2.5 data for some, but not all regions. A few years ago, pm2.5 data was not available for any stations in CM, but since then, it has become available. Most probably it's a cost issue, not a "secrecy" issue. If it was a secrecy issue, the Thai government would obviously simply not disclose the pm2.5 stations, and then aqicn would cease to be able to report it too (if it reports it now. When I looked two-three years ago, it did not report it for CM. I sent them an email at that time, telling them that pm2.5 data was now available for a station in Chiang Mai). But they do disclose many pm2.5 stations, presumably at the locations where they have paid for pm2.5 measurement equipment to be installed. IMO, everyone should go out and buy an air purifier. I see them selling for as little as 4,000-5,000B. Run it 24 hours a day in your bedroom/studio, and most likely your electricity bill will not increase too much either. More like a fan, than an air conditioner.
  8. Why suspect the OP wonders about decor or cleanliness? I think it's more reasonable to think he wonders about the quality of instruction. After watching the first video I could find on youtube, I would wonder too. Decor and cleanliness looks fine though.
  9. Ah. I thought it was for a one year extension, not 60 days. Thank you.
  10. If you remember, could you please post what documents and people were required, in addition to the 4x6 cm photo? And was there some special background required for those photo's, or do I remember wrong about that?
  11. Went to see Assist Thai Visa at Chiang Mai land the other day. Always done it myself before, but this year circumstances are quite different (asking for extension based on support of a Thai child who lives with soon to be ex-wife, not me. If anyone has experience, please let me know). I had no idea it was such a big operation. I expected to see a farang and a couple of Thai staff, but it was a big office with plenty of staff. Guess CM Immigration makes business good for these companies. I sat down on the sofa, where another farang was also sitting, and waited. I expected somebody to come and ask me how they could help me, but nobody came. A little later another farang couple came in and also sat down. After waiting a little longer, some staff come over to us, looking not sure who to ask first, but asked the farang couple first if he could help them. I waited a few more minutes to see if somebody would, err, "assist" me, but nobody came and I left. There's another visa company in Nimman I believe, but unless I remember wrong (can somebody confirm?) one of the guys there posted various personal data here on TV in response to a customer who seemed to have some genuine gripes with the service, so don't want to try them. G4S is a bit out of the way for me and I would prefer to speak with somebody who speaks English well regarding this, but perhaps I'll try them next, unless somebody has some other recommendations?
  12. There's a farang that has a farm here in CM - Villa Farm Fruit" - who advertises that he uses "organic pesticides" only. They're a bit pricey at around 200B per box I think, but look and taste better than anything else I've seen here, in addition to hopefully being mostly pesticide free. Check out "" if interested. He also delivers to some locations in CM every (?) week in the season I think.
  13. It is difficult to be certain, but previously several people have discussed the accuracy and honesty of it, and I personally believe the data reported is honest.
  14. When I looked at them some years ago, they seemed reliable. I believe they are based on the numbers provided by the Thai governments excellent website at "" If I remember correctly, the site uses the number to provide a running 24 hour average however (i.e., the average for the last 24 hours, whenever you look at it). The site however provides the numbers on a hour by hour basis. The latter is much more useful in practice if you e.g. want to see how the conditions are at the moment (or rather, the last hour), to e.g. ponder whether today is an ok day to go out running or similar. The also provides a graph function, so you can usually make a reasonable guess on whether things will improve the next hour, or become worse.
  15. Indeed. Before I preferred Bangkok Air, just for the free lounge, but no longer. No longer able to clear immigration. No longer able to check-in luggage on your connecting flight. No longer Bangkok air for me.