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  1. Burnley bore teams to death, especially when the top clubs come to town. Absolutely no interest in pressing high when the opposition has the ball in their own half, but making sure that all attacking avenues are blocked, so the centre backs and wing backs pass it between themselves for half an hour...... then they fall asleep and make a mistake and Burnley are at 'em.
  2. Talking about hair. What about Pogba's badger look?
  3. Phew! I don't know mate.
  4. And the way we coped without Hazard was impressive. Willian and Pedro didn't shirk the challenge of a physical contest.
  5. Yeah, Jody's doing a fine job but, like our previous successful youth teams before, the players have to be exceptional to make it into the first team squad. The field gets wider as players of all ages and nationalities wind up vying for a place. The footballing future of these lads is going to be tough.
  6. That he was Keith. The bloke was everywhere, breaking up attacks and driving forward with the ball. What a player! People who took the piss out of Luiz's defensive qualities need to reassess their opinions. He was superb yesterday and has been consistently good all season.
  7. He didn't tinker? He kept faith with the same back four, even though they were comical in their defending for the best part of this season, because he believed in them. As soon as Schmeichel was fit, he was straight back in. He's retained Vardy and Mahrez when fit even though they had been excrement. He replaced Kante, who was desperate to leave, with Ndidi who's still settling in and Drinkwater was never out of the team. The only casualty, because of poor form, was Okazaki. If anything, the main criticism was that he was too faithful and he didn't try to change things.
  8. So you thought that winning 7 out of their last 9 games, with 6 of those games at home in 2014/2015 season was title winning form for the following season?
  9. Tut tut Stevie, blaming the poor players. Didn't you know this Shakespeare character (how can he possibly fail with that name) is a tactical master? He said that his plan was to "press Sevilla high up the pitch" and "it worked a treat", something that Ranieri would never have thought of doing, right? and Schmeichel gushed that "we had a game plan and kept to it." completely ignoring the fact that for a "game plan" to work, you've got to have the players on board before it can have any hope of working.. It makes you wonder how the 53 year old Shakespeare has been allowed to live in the shadows for so long without somebody picking up on his brilliance. He's had three home games in a row and, with the clapper happy Leicester crowd doing their best to lift the team, it's been a carnival. Danny Mills, a pundit who's got that superior air about him and talks as though everybody else is a complete c**t, reckons that "those people who said Ranieri shouldn't have been sacked, should be eating humble pie now". What is particularly galling is all the players, without exception, denied that they were instrumental in Ranieri's dismissal , the same set of players who made great play of the fact that they were down to earth, rough and ready types who had started from the lower reaches of the Leagues yet, when things started to get tough and weren't going their way, they downed tools and left Ranieri hanging by a thread. The same man who, nine months earlier had lifted them up by their bootlaces and cajoled them to realise an achievement that not one of them thought would ever be possible. That's typical of the 'gratitude' you're likely to get from the luvvies who call themselves professional footballers nowadays.
  10. Out of the other semi finalists, you're the most dangerous even without Kane.
  11. True. Cynical tactics by Mourinho to put Hazard through the mangle. However, from his scything runs in the first half, Hazard was largely a peripheral figure in the second half, content to let the ball do the work. In my mind, under orders from Conte to keep out of the way of the flailing tackles.
  12. I think Mourinho's gone at the game. Herrera gets red carded and he takes off his most talented midfield player and puts on Fellaini! I made that a right result. No wonder Mkhitaryan looked peeved, coming off for that log of wood. Once we got the goal, we strangled the life out of the game, although I had palpitations when Rashford was one on one with Cahill. Courtois is full of confidence now and brought off a first class save.
  13. My oh my no. You're likely to get a lot lower than that this week.
  14. Mr. BJ. Can you check out my score again as I believe I had the Sunderland v City game as a correct score and banker to boot? Thanks mate.
  15. I've been impressed with Kolarov at centre back. Calm on the deck and good in the air. Llorente is a past master at winning headers but Kolarov matched him.