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  1. One fact that cannot be ignored is that prior to electrical amplification of sound, the call to prayer was only as loud as a human voice could go. This changed when amplified public address systems were installed in mosques. The call to prayers is now much louder. I stay sometimes in a muslim village in Bali and there are four mosques within a kilometer of each other, all quite small but all have very loud speakers. The din when they are all going together is quite unbelievable, I pity the locals, they appear powerless to have it turned down, the imams seem to have total control over how loud they are (and how long the call to prayer is) which goes on some days for up to 40 minutes. Contrast that with a mosque in Chiang Mai city which has only a man-powered call to prayer which lasts about 3 minutes!
  2. No doubt in my mind this is how muslims take over neighbourhoods. In Bali they are building mosques and immediately the loudspeakers are cranked up to 11 and within a few months the hindus begin to sell up and move out
  3. All the polls conducted by the junta are absolute fantasy. I doubt whether a poll is actually conducted, who can say anyway? Anyone who knows the truth can't speak out for fear of being arrested and held for attitude adjustment. George Orwell would be laughing right now.
  4. Tropo... means been too long in the tropics causing one to lose one's sanity and clarity of vision of realty..... 'nuff said
  5. Ha ha very dry... you are taking the piss?
  6. Gee, it could be any one of sixty million people
  7. I need to download these forms, and according to the Thai consuls in Australia they can be downloaded from their websites however they don't seem to be there. Can anyone assist? thanks
  8. If there was any doubt that the "big end of town" run Thailand through its proxies i.e. military and police, this should dispel those doubts. The big two breweries don't want any competition and will go to extreme lengths to prevent it happening. I looked into starting a craft brewery in Thailand a couple of years ago, but the laws applying to anyone who wants do do this are so onerous, i.e. capital requirements etc etc, that they ensure no-one is going to start up in competition.
  9. A quick explanation of his post.... The way he sees it is that there was no evil in Thailand before Thaksin. despite several well researched books being written on the subject, all the bad things began when Thaksin was elected. Despite Thakson's governments being elected by a majority of Thais several times and then being overthrown by the military, (as he sees it the squeaky clean military) and despite the promise of free and fair elections and those promises being false and despite Suthep's mobs preventing the operations of Yingluck's government, despite clear evidence that the conservative (Yellows/elites/military) forces were widely involved in violent acts against the red-shirts, despite the continuing one-sided decisions of the Thai judiciary, despite the ongoing rewriting of the Thai constitution to ensure the military's dominance, despite the continuing dominance of the same families and individuals in Thai politics and the clear influence they have held before and after Thaksin's governments, despite the daily evidence to show Thailand has not progressed in any of the world recognised key indicators on corruption, influence peddling, human rights, education, wealth distribution, justice etc etc etc, all is right with the world now we have a righteous PM who we can all be proud of.
  10. Has anyone had plastic surgery (face) done in Thailand and if so would they recommend the doctor/clinic/hospital and what was the cost?
  11. Ah but what would happen if all that disappeared/ Would you lose your happiness? That's why Buddhists say happiness must come from within as all external factors are temporal.
  12. Obviously on your planet science fiction is real
  13. Knowing this lot, the fact that tourism increased means nothing to them, they are just as likely to reintroduce the fees to make a windfall profit. They are also considering banning alcohol and punishing extra-marital relationships.