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  1. That story tells all .... :
  2. Well ... IMHO it's even in Pattaya quite difficult to find a (decent) house or condo for the prices in your budget, if you aren't going for Thai style or far outside. Anyway, last year, I staid for a month in HH, rented a house westward of the city via AirBnB, 15 minutes by car to downtown ... you need longer from Jomtien to South Pattaya. Thai style food cheaper than in Pattaya, Farang food (Italian) roughly the same price as in Pattaya. "Nightlife" ... couldn't really check that out in detail, because on holiday with the Misses, but got the impression, in Soi 80 area beers and lady drinks cheaper than Pattaya.
  3. Sure, no Mafia in Pattaya! Also nowhere to be seen in Pattaya: Hells Angels, Bandidos and their Support Group Thailand.
  4. Actually, the AAG sea cable, to which this MCT is connected, has already a landing point in Sri Racha ... since years. That MCT is more of a small soi to connect Cambodia to the highway, starting in Mersing (Malaysia) and splitting up into an additional soi leading to Rayong.
  5. could also be, that she took it unintentionally, there are rumors, the sales of GHB are rising....
  6. Payap University in Chiang Mai 8-level Thai course. Reviews in general better than CMU.
  7. Well, as we are anyway doing a generalization, we can also turn that by 180 degrees: Why do you foreign guys let village ladies hook you? In the larger Thai cities there are so many ladies with a good education and a good job, coming from a decent family - you can do better than this. Hold out for a lady, that can be a real partner, value-wise and education-wise. Who is open for new experiences and prepared adapt to your western ways, as you are prepared to adapt to her Thai ways. ;-)
  8. .... that's not "news", Hitler's drug addiction was revealed long ago.
  9. How many Thai can read a map? ... Maybe the guys in olive, otherwise : "leeao kwaa tee 7" ...
  10. IMHO the good job was done by the lady. Brave and decisive, but staying calm and polite despite his threat. The LTO? Well, maybe I am wrong, but seeing the taxi driver fumbling around with something like a remote, does that mean, he can adjust the meter with the remote? If so, not unlikely that is a fixed installation. Would have been a good idea, to check all the taxis of the operator, if they have rigged meters ...
  11. roadblocks are legal, as long as a senior police officer is supervising them
  12. ... happened to one of my friends in Pattaya already in 2015.
  13. I caught 4 weeks ago a "flu", and the coughing hasn't stopped until now. When checking the Air4Thai app, everything looked at least bearable. However, their particle readings are based on PM10. So, when I recently crosschecked AQICN.ORG, I was more than astonished to see the historical data for the PM2.5, which were far from being healthy. ... ordered now from Lazada a Toshiba CAF-G50, based on a experience based review - let's see, if things get better.
  14. Similar north of the city. Every day I can see at least 2 smelly clouds not far away. However, they are doing it after dusk or around dawn.
  15. unfortunately, you are wrong, experienced a duty free alcohol drinking Russian already 2 times during flights from Europe to BKK. You are only in so far right, that it wasn't Whiskey, but Vodka, and that it wasn't 1/2 a bottle, but the bottles were empty upon arrival in BKK ;-)