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  1. P 1 just ended and McLaren did not brake down.. yet
  2. If your buying a new one at the Supermarket then most stores you can hear them running.. if your video is anything to go by, then proves my point Hatari are very noisy
  3. Depends what size the Fan is.... Bin it and buy new is rather silly unless it is a small fan.. most repair shops will fit a new motor for 200 baht. [if it is a motor problem] Edit: 200 baht spent for a new motor on a Fan that cost 2,500 baht, in my thinking is better than binning it Buy cheap or a named brand ? no idea, but can say in the house have 14 fans, many different makes.... Best one bought in year 2000 is Imflex never had any problems and used every day, likewise Kashiwa also never a problem.... Panasonic 18" bought in 2004 has had 3 new motors.. Guess the worst is Hatari, have a 18 + a 22 and a 25" all are very noisy and the 25" has been replaced 3 times when it was under warentee, it still runs and has been repaired twice since, but is the same problem [runs very very hot + all settings are the same speed] been sat in a spare room for last couple of years. The newest and almost silent running one is Sharp........ always use Singer oil for many years on them [2 bottles = 20 baht @ 20 baht shop] have lots of dogs so need to clean and oil the fans often
  4. In the mean time hope there is plenty of deck chairs about around the track
  5. Got a notice the day before Christmas that all lines to out Village were being upgraded to Fiber/VDSL and to phone them... Did so they made a good offer 100/30 Fiber/VDSL with Free IPTV box and Free home phone calls + 100 baht Free mobile phone calls per month for a year all for 699 baht month... They came that afternoon and fitted.. Do not have or use a home phone, never used the box [have all I need on my own box with Kodi] did change my one mobile to true, kept the other on AIS..... Never had a problem since True was installed to the house only option to the Village back in March 2004...... but since the Fiber/VDSL was installed have Billing problems for the past 6 weeks, I pay at TRUE Office Westgate, yet every 3 days at 9:00 get a account suspension notice for non payment... even Feb bill paid on 6th March, got yet another cut off yesterday. must have phoned them 30+ times in the past 6 weeks [guess Friday it will go off again] is getting a pain > call service centre no idea = they must contact engineering > they must contact Westgate and so the merry go round every 3 days !! about 3 weeks ago so say a memo was added so this would not happen again.... yet every 3 day it starts all over again.
  6. Yes who to believe ? in Hospital for 6 days with 'So say' stage 5 Kidney failure last year was partly to do with salt.. so no salt in cooking or added appears to have worked 11 months on all is OK and controlled..
  7. Maybe doing something wrong ? True Speed test 104.9 down 34.54 up But on this speed test 'speedofme' 5.96 down 7.84 up The one I normally use 'testmy.net' 104.64 down 9.17 up Why is 'speedofme' so different ? tested 3 times this is the highest readings
  8. http://www.youwindowsworld.com/en/downloads/desktop-applications/office-suites/microsoft-office-2013-language-pack-x64-in-english No idea what version of Office you have, but you can download most versions. Agree maybe best to take it back and ask the person that install the programs on the new HD to make/put it in English
  9. Maybe get in touch with some of the charities/advise centres, send them a email, guess they would give the best advise http://heathrowtravelcare.co.uk/what-we-do/returning-to-the-uk-from-abroad/ https://www.independentage.org/ https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/ Maybe more but have these in my Bookmarks, one just never knows.. my plan is to stay here and die here, been retired here 14 years this month, with no plan or wish to move or return to UK
  10. Noticed this in Advise shop in 'Westgate' shopping center last week..... https://www.advice.co.th/product/monitor/led-34-/led-34-acer-predator-x34abmiphz-hdmi-b-curve ^^^^^^ only 2560x1080 https://www.jib.co.th/web/index.php/product/readProduct/23236/5/29"-LED-LG-29UM68-P or https://www.jib.co.th/web/index.php/product/readProduct/24070/5/34"-LED-LG-IPS-34UC79G-B Edit: Just noticed http://www.invadeit.co.th/category/monitors/ have a good selection
  11. Depends what people believe, most if not all Religion/Cults are the same
  12. eat 1 Kilo every month ?? as there so cheap at the moment eat 2 kilos a week... had gone up to 100 baht for 2 kilos last Thursday at the local market.. all I know she said they come from the North, or at least they did a few years ago, she know the ones I want so always have the sweet juicy ones, eat them as they are. + appears to do nothing to my BG levels, but then I do eat a lot of fruit and my BG readings range from 110 - 130
  13. strawberries... appears to be 2 types........ large + small ones, sour + hard + tasteless... the other type . large + small ones, sweet soft and great taste.. always understood the large ones come from the north ? Saturday at my local market the large sweet and juicy ones were 90 baht for 2 kg. last week they where 100 baht per kg... also a very good buy the small juicy pip-less red grapes at 100 baht for 3 kg
  14. Looking at the Pay signs, only shows Union Pay card on the K Bank stickers.. Been with BKK Bank since 2001, my new Union Pay card issued November is useless, BBK Bank said [been into my Branch many times to complain] that all machines will be upgraded to accept Union cards by mid Jan !! as of yesterday could not pay at Red Cross Hospital, and later at a large Tesco Lotus.. OK have SCB account since 2005, so now have a Visa card from them, but a pain as both my Pensions are paid into BBK Bank.
  15. Use the same for many many years IOBIT driver booster