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  1. In time for the mass exodus abroad. I'm off to Sri Lanka rather than witness the appalling waste of water during a drought.
  2. My wife's step-brother often goes to jail @ 300 baht a day for stuff he didn't do on behalf of others. He prefers it to working in the fields.
  3. Ignoring the 'let's pretend we're doing something' story, I'm interested in the mention of bogus Indian restaurants reply. How do they work? What's on the menu? Can I get a lamb rogan josh?
  4. If he absconds to, say, Singapore, (where he will have many friends) is the bail money forfeited?
  5. Muscling in on locals' territory. The RTP are very efficient on this sort of misdemeanour.
  6. How do you 'snatch' a gun from a soldier? Distract him with a 1000 baht note?
  7. Bangkok cabbies - the creme de la creme.
  8. The only time Pattaya Plod take to the streets is when they hold road users/bar owners to ransom. They are the new bandits.
  9. A disagreement about sharing out the envelopes?
  10. Have they been programmed to dispense 8 different drugs to cure a headache?
  11. Staggering! A high-ranking Thai accepting responsibility?
  12. How much? I thought all sex in Chonburi had a price-tag.
  13. Today there's a story about Insurance and Drink Driving. Why not invalidate the insurance of those with no licence? I say this because two boys hit my car whilst I was waiting to turn right at a U-turn. The driver had no licence but my insurance company has paid for their medical bills + compensation for their suffering. Meanwhile the boys who rammed into me at 90 kmsph tried to sue the farang for 7 MILLION. I have been without a car for 4 MONTHS whilst incompetent mechanics bugger about with it. Never take Thannachart Insurance as offered free by Honda. Their garage phoned me up to say the car was ready hoping I wouldn't notice the window film and LEATHER upholstery was pitted by sparks from their cutting & grinding tools.
  14. He killed himself before the relatively slow death of starvation with no-one to cook for him.
  15. National Parks are deserted due to the dual pricing policy. It's the farangs who deserve credit here by allowing the elephants the breeding space.