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  1. If they did a proper job the problems would not happen again. The excuse "This is Samui" is getting old.
  2. Clear conflict of interests. Did he declare and pay his taxes on this income!
  3. An Att-A-Boy never hurt anyone, we use them a lot, the results are happier and more responsible people who feel good about themselves.
  4. it is a propeller it provides thrust, it is not a pump!
  5. I remember the video of them tying boats up to piers and bridge columns and trying to push the water back to the sea during the Bangkok flood flooding a few years back. Obviously the translation of "Thrurster" is confusing, a ships bow Thruster , not a vehicle big enough to carry one.
  6. Ignorant people are teachable and mostly intelligent, but gullible. Stupid is just stupid, nothing can be done for them.
  7. m.c. helmets, easy and little effort, no one complains. This is a illegal activity and must be dealt with. Never look down at the pier where Cruse Ship passengers are being "helped' by concerned citizens.
  8. What would "John Wayne Do"
  9. Get a life, obviously you don't have one now!
  10. Make Mexico a state. Build the wall between Central America and Mexico.
  11. Our system is old and archaic and with the passage of time is well outdated and needs to be changed. But it works, not like everyone wants so changes need to be made, but these take time and the changes will interrupt a lot of opportunities for cheating and intimidation. One Person One Vote the only it will work. Vigilance is the price of freedom. We must always be on guard to stop the subversion of the persons who would infringe on our rights As detailed in our Constitution. It is time to review again the document that defines who we are and what our rights are. We have strayed away from both contented and intent of this Document that defines us as a country. Download a copy of Constitution of The United States of America, read it, study it, know what your rights are and make sure you elect people who will "Protect and defend the constitution of The United States of America. I have taken this oath many times in the course of my life. Read it, Defend it. It is ours and ours alone and it works if we let it!
  12. We don't have any heroes left to inspire them, to aspire to! "What would John Wayne Do" ? Who would you like to be like when you grow up? We had JFK, John Wayne, even Superman. Who are the kids of today's heroes?
  13. These Kids are the future leaders and teachers of Thailand
  14. I have believed for years that Bank Employees have been selling e-mail address and telephone information of customers. I have had to change my e-mail address that I used a several banks. This stopped the SPAM and strange e-mails. makes Ya wonder.