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  1. ต่อต้าน is a verb meaning "to oppose." ต่อต้านสังคม is an adjective meaning "anti-social", i.e. in the sense of indifferent to the welfare of others, not opposed to a specific social order, such as a revolutionary, for example.
  2. Thais do understand เกษียณแล้ว, but Thai attitudes toward retirement are not the same as ours. They often don't view it as desirable. While I feel as though I have won the lottery, they are likely to say something like, "But you're young. You could still work!"
  3. เขาเป็นโรคจิต Although that sounds like a non-specific term for mental illness, it seems to be the preferred term for a psychopath.
  4. 1. Intensive Thai Language Program at Chulalongkorn U. Very structured and very intensive. Classroom environment. Curriculum is well-thought out and teachers are quite good. 2. Sumaa Language and Culture Institute - Mostly one-on-one teaching by qualified teachers. These are the only sources of Thai language instruction here of which I am aware that are at the level of a Western university.
  5. The Repubs don't have the votes in the House. They have pushed off the scheduled Thursday vote. Maybe there will be a vote on Friday, maybe not. The Dems spent 14 months on hearing, etc. building a coalition to pass Obamacare. The Repubs can't be bothered. Any bill that could pas the House would fail in the Senate. So, "repeal and replace" looks to be DOA. Nevertheless, they can and will strangle Obamacare by withdrawing funding to the extent that they can and changing regulations which they can do without Congressional approval. When Obamacare collapses they will blame the Dems.
  6. In the Thai PBS news show there is a Western woman representing Uber at a conference with the Thai government who speaks Thai quite well. Her sound segment begins around the 4 minute mark. Anyone know who she is and how she learned Thai? Anyway, a positive example for us.
  7. As a corrective to the prevailing assumption on TV that becoming fluent in Thai is somehow out of reach of most people, perhaps especially older people, here is a talk from the 2016 Polyglot Conference by Kristoffer Broholm, a fellow who has assembled a series of 100 podcast interviews with accomplished polyglots. From this experience and his own language learning, he attempts to summarize what he has learned about learning languages from successful students. It's a motivating talk for those of us engaged in learning Thai here in Thailand. There is a whole polyglot community on the web with lots of youtube videos of interest.
  8. The risk statistics from pricenomics study should be discounted by the residual risk of staying at home which, depending on where you live in the US, could be high. Assuming that travel is a discretionary activity, what matters is the excess risk one assumes by going abroad. For instance, is a black American who lives in Missouri and drives a car with one taillight out safer there or in Thailand?
  9. It's my surmise that USAA refused the Limitless card to me based on my lack of a military record. I couldn't even get to the application even though my registered address is FL, so I don't see what else could be the basis for the rejection. My FICO score has always been over 800. USAA has refused various products to non-military accounts in the past, so it's not a surprise.
  10. Bummer. But it figures since a 2.5% kickback for maxpayers (who don't pay interest) means the bank would make almost nothing on CC transactions, assuming the merchant fee is about 3%. So, the bank has to have some other lucrative incentive to offer the product, in this case, insurance.
  11. Turns out that the USAA Limitless card is apparently only available to USAA members with genuine military connections, not those of us who opened accounts in the past by contributing to a charity, an option which is no longer available.
  12. And they never identify the hotel??? Really?
  13. I don't see how they get 60 votes in the Senate to pass any bill overturning the ACA. They can make some changes in budget reconciliation, but not the whole hog.
  14. My Irish grandmother's sister died while in an orphanage run by nuns in Ireland. She was 18 at the time, during the 1930's. My grandmother believed the nuns killed her. Probably beat her to death for some infraction or other. Monstrous people in a despicable religion. With any luck these revelations could finish the doddering Catholic Church in Ireland, but that's probably too much to hope for.
  15. I do not have a Thai credit card and pay all local expenses in THB with one of our US credit cards. There is no advantage to having a Thai credit card and the very significant disadvantage that you are liable for all charges made on your Thai credit card including fraudulent ones if the Thai bank decides to hold you accountable for them. As you know, US card holders have statutory protection against fraudulent charges. I have had fraudulent charges twice in the past on my Amex card, on one occasion it was $10,000. No way am I assuming liability of that scale for something beyond my control.