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  1. Greetings, I have a friend flying in from the states this weekend. He told me last night that he would be joined by two friends, a couple that a half American, half Laotian. They intend to fly on to Vientianne about 3 days after arrival bit wanted to know if there are parts of Bangkok where Laotians hang out. I said there are a few bars here and there but beyond that I have no idea. His wife specifically wanted to know how she could meet a Laotian living abroad. Does anyone know where the best place to would be?
  2. I suspect that is over-priced.
  3. Greetings all, I recently visited the hospital nearest and asked whether it was possible to be prescribed Testosterone as a friend, who was a medic for many years, suggested it as the best option. Unfortunately the reasons behind that are personal and not something I would like to discuss on-line, although I suspect many can get the gist of it. I made the mistake if not being so upfront with the doctor either, partly because it was a woman and her English was not so great, so I wasn't sure she would understand. In any event I left and nothing was achieved. I wondered if it is necessary to go to a hospital to get a prescription of that or not? What other options are there? I am not prepared to go into the cause as to why it was asked for and I am certainly not interested in any opinions whatsoever concerning alternatives to it and so on, all such comments will be ignored immediately. All I want to know is if someone is advised to take testosterone, do they have to go to a hospital and consult a doctor or are there alternative options. No references to fake products, enhancing products or any silly nonsense, just answer the question.
  4. Regarding your last point we use ai for men and ee for women right?
  5. Can you PM me if you are still looking, a friend who has been a personal trainer for how many years I don't know wants to move to Chiang Mai and would jump at the chance to be one there I am sure. Just PM me if so.
  6. Hey thanks for that, just printed it out and ran it by a few people, certainly the first and last options are exactly what I wanted to say. Much appreciated.
  7. he he, or the middle of nowhere. Tell him not to bring an money as I will pay for everything, yeah that might do it.
  8. Some perhaps are, this is not.
  9. The reason I ask this is because I saw a woman get annoyed with him and said something pretty unpleasant, sine then I note that he no longer bugs her all the time like he does everyone else. He seems to have a fixation on what people buy from 7-11. It's bloody annoying at times. Generally I ignore him but at times I'd rather give him a mouth full instead, like others do.
  10. Hi, we live near the government immigration complex, so Nonthaburi is not so far, could you please give the name of it.
  11. There's a guy at the end of my Soi who sits on the corner all day long, half the time pretty drunk, just gossiping about everyone who goes past and everything he sees. He often asks you what you are going to the 7-11 for and then comments on it. After a few months its become rather annoying to say the least. How can I say something like 'Get a life'? tbh it bloody annoying at times and I would rather say something like 'Get a life you <deleted>'. ANny slang I can use here, any choice expressions that would convey annoyance?
  12. Hello, I am concerned that my child may have asthma, as I indeed do. I have been in BKK a long time and I know I can take her to a top hospital downtown to have that checked. However, we live far out of the city and funds are tight at the moment. There used to be a place in Ari, on Phahonyothin, especially for it but I can't find it online and don't know if its still there, do you? Other than that, what's the best way to have this checked out? I'd prefer not to go to the local clinics as they as not so great.
  13. In ground. We used the cheap stuff beforem disasters followed so friend wants the best out there that can be purchased locally. I hope to find Ramuc.
  14. Jomtien fine, Pattaya is okay if you are used to BKK traffic. If not, I wouldn't advise it, if you want a pleasurabe ride.
  15. Thanks, I will look into what is said above.