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  1. You are a hopeless romantic, which is a good thing in my book, but I think Thailand is the wrong place to be for romantics. Romance is not part of the Thai pysche, they are much more pragmatic. Money or lust is primary, but when the libido is calmed and the fiddler is paid there ain't much left behind the curtain. I found many more romantics in Latin America, in Asia, meh.
  2. God bless her for her energy and what looks like her love of teaching. It does however illustrate the learning style in Thai classrooms - never past the second rung on Bloom's taxonomy.
  3. Farmers promised 500 baht a day, by red shorts then abandoned by their loyal leaders, thankfully bused back home to their dustbowls by the government. They had no idea what was going on and didn't care, all they knew was someone was supposed to pay them a per diem which they actually never got.
  4. Shawn0000000000000 uses this tactic. Better not to feed the trolls.
  5. There was no link on the post i replied to sweetie.
  6. I never have a problem reading anything. I max any screen I'm using and flip from program to program with the four finger swipe. I have the 128/4 version. I easily keep 40 or so gigs free at any time for things I'm working on. I use google drive to store stuff....I don't find space an issue though. What requires you to have 8Gig? I use photoshop, all the usually productivity apps, plus garageband and other music apps, and have never had a hiccup in my work. I make simple movies all the time with imovie, no problem. I'm not sure what your plans are that you want that much RAM, I've found I just don't need it. The best thing is that the air is so damned light. My favorite and most used computer so far. Even after having it for 3.5 years and using it a lot every day it still gives me 6 hours plus of battery life.
  7. You only live once, age is just a number (legal and consensual issues aside). Be a little shameless, wink back! Have a rough quickie and if he's after your money well decide if he's worth it or not. Maybe he likes being with daddy, who cares? Lots of moralistic guys on this board.
  8. Not up to me to provide evidence for your claim. If you believe in this so much you would be able to prove it. Otherwise you are no better than Trump.
  9. I'm trying to recall, can only remember red shirts. That was around the time they were getting protestors to 'bleed themselves' so they could dump a bunch of blood on the streets in front of parliament. They actually didn't get much blood, so they went out and bought a bunch of pig blood to add to it. After they dumped it and made a big mess, while the govt. cleaned it up they also tested some of it and found it infected with hepatitis and HIV. Then the reds protested them testing the blood because they said it was private! My my those were weird, funny, frightening days. I'm not Thai so I won't make too many comments, but those reds were a lot of dum dums.
  10. A little less time trying t implement probation and a little more time getting strict on drunk driving. During Songkran days around my 'hood in N. Bangkok there is nary a cop....they all just disappear. That's why all the 13 year old boys are riding motorcycles around with 3 of their friends with him on the bike. I've read about 90% of the deaths during songkran are from motorbikes. It's a good thing, weeds out some of those selfish jerks.
  11. A very rotten smell in the air.
  12. I remember that red shirt raid on ASEAN. It was terrifying and out of control. Made the country look awful as well. They deserve to be in prison and have no reason to complain.
  13. And they wonder why uber and grab are popular?