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  1. I'd love to know if there is a third/neutral body which collects the statistics independently? I learn many years ago never to trust figures/statistics I haven't manipulated myself. I wish the country the best of luck, but truthfully and unbiasedly, I find it hard to imagine them reaching that position. I first came here in 2001 and found it a great, friendly place which made me want to come back here the following year. In the mean time, I find the people employed in the hospitality sector - generally speaking that is - less and less friendly or helpful, usually have long, bored faces and are a tad annoying at times. Nowadays, I just want to take my holidays abroad.
  2. More times than not, those monitors aren't manned. The footage is recorded and looked at IF, and only if, something like this (or worse) happens.
  3. Like replying to every thread on TV? 😂😂😂
  4. Wearing baseball caps and badly dressed I'd say they're Americans. Anyways, nationalities and religions aside, I hope these little sh*ts get caught soon rather than later.
  5. You have a very valid point there sanemax, but humans make assumptions, rightly or wrongly, based on the information they have/see. These assumptions are based mainly on past experiences.
  6. No, I've never had an argument with any of my neighbours, neither here nor back in Faranigstan. One gf left me, many years ago. The rest and I parted on good terms. You're not posting from Malaysia by any chance, are you? 😉 A lot of posters here seem to see the man for what he really is; bad news. Nobody's perfect, especially not me, but some people are just rotten to the core.
  7. I've worked at a few different language centers in Bangkok, but I'm not going to promote any particular school. There really isn't a language center which meets everybody's requirements. What's good for one student/customer, isn't always good for another. Firstly, you need to decide if she is going to study in a group or privately, one-on-one? Secondly, when is she going to study? Mornings? Evenings? Weekdays/Weekends? Shop around and if you're a native English speaker, try to have a casual chat with a few of the teachers at the centers. Don't believe everything the sales staff tell you, they're thinking of a million different ways to spend their commission if you/your partner signs up. They'd sell their own grandmothers if they could! Rely on your gut feeling. Most centers will let a potential client sit in on a class for a lesson (or an hour) just to get a "feel" for the class, other students, material and teacher. Once you've narrowed your choice of schools down, try getting her into a trial lesson before signing. One thing I will say is, CHECK the material/books they teach from. Let your partner see the material she'll have to use. What does she think of it? Is it a system/layout that appeals to her or not? I find that there's NOTHING worse than having to use a book day in, day out that you don't like. It really doesn't motivate students to learn or teachers to teach. If it isn't working out for your better half, let her finish her course and look at a different center before resigning.
  8. 1. Teach them how to drive. 2. Enforce the existing laws. 3. Take their driver's licences away from them if need be and hence their ability to earn some bread/rice.
  9. In light of Thailand's driving record, I'm wondering who's going to man these subs? Surely not Somchai?
  10. The in-laws might be driving around in a big, brand new pick-up soon. All joking aside, it is strange that five houses in the same area reported a burglary on the same night. Were the thieves too stupid to find the right house first time round, or did they simply get lucky at the 5th house?
  11. Two women (that we know of) ran off and left him, he was fighting with neighbours and he can't return to the UK. Seriously, is it any wonder they don't want him here? And now the big sob story just to try and get back in again. If he really cared that much about his kids, he would have gotten them a UK passport after birth. It can never harm to have a passport from a western country.
  12. Drunk or not, the police officer should have showed more restraint in dealing with, what would appear to be a peaceful monk. It doesn't bear thinking about what he would have done, had the monk resisted!
  13. I'm all in favour of having a lively class, and if this method works and students do in fact remember their times tables, then so be it. I remember mine, but our teacher most certainly didn't act the monkey. What scares me the most is not the clowning about, but the fact that she learnt this at university(!) "she learnt during her teacher training at university". What kind of university was that?!?! She can come teach me the times table in Thai, though.
  14. Hopefully he'll find out in prison what it's like. Bring vaselin Kittisak. RIP little one. What a cruel world it can be at times.