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  1. Thx again for the info, I appreciate it... I do know the difference between ACH and SWIFT transfers but I didn't realize that SS used ACH (as I'm still about a decade away from filing for it) and I wasn't aware that BKK Bank was the only Thai bank setup for ACH transfers.... again, many thanks!
  2. Many thanks as I didn't know this. Can you also tell me is this just true for BBK Bank or are all the Thai banks like that?
  3. I have never really studied Buddhism or know much about it but I do believe Buddhists are taught not to kill living things. I have personally witnessed a Thai friend who had a red ant biting his arm take that ant, gently remove it from his skin and then place it on the ground so it could wonder off and find it's next victim. The rats they eat in Isaan are generally 'field' rats. That is, rats that are typically feeding in the rice fields rather than in the sewers and garbage piles. If they taste different, who knows, as I've never eaten it before. Some folks in the USA have been known to eat muskrat, which belongs to the 'rodent' family whereas some don't eat squirrel as it also comes from the 'rodent' family. BTW, I would almost bet that your friend was eating something of his girlfriend's that was much dirtier than any rat....
  4. ...and the clock on your cell phone, which BTW is usually synced to (I believe) a NIST standard isn't good enough for that "precise moment"? Relatively speaking, aren't most people walking around like zombies with their heads down staring at their phones anyway?
  5. Why is SS money being transferred into a BKK Bank account not be accessible using the local BKK Bank ATM machines? Is there something I don't know as I would think that any $$, no matter the origin, deposited into a BBK Bank account would be accessible by local ATMs.
  6. To be even more precise the plague was due to humans. It was the waste and rubbish that infected the fleas....
  7. That didn't occur when I did a transfer about 4 years ago. I wonder if that's something new. My account with BKK Bank is a savings account, what is yours?
  8. It's been a couple years back but I went to the Airport Plaza mall as it was just opening one morning and walking in downstairs at the food court I saw one scurry across the floor.
  9. I still wonder even today why I had bought that thermometer. I mean, as we all know, Thailand only has two temperatures, hot and hotter, right? It's like I wonder why people by and wear watches still. Every phone has a clock, every car has a clock, and nearly every building you walk into will have a clock (or the time) displayed somewhere. I think watches are more of a fashion thing these days but I never did like the feel of one around my wrist....
  10. Not sure how but my guess is accidentally whacking it with the spray wand or perhaps dragging the vacuum around and hitting up against the car. On one occasion I actually had them crack the case surrounding one of the side mirrors. When I pointed it out to them before leaving (as I tend to do a thorough visual before paying them) they tried to tell me it was like that when they started. I didn't argue with them and paid them the measly 200 baht vowing to not return. It cost me nearly 3k baht to get the mirror replaced. Normally I always cleaned my car myself and only occasionally would take it some place to have cleaned. So cleaning it myself (once a week) I knew where every little scratch, mark, rock pit chip, etc. is on my car....
  11. Some refer to it as a 'people mover' such as those which are merely horizontal and seen throughout nearly all major airports.
  12. I quit having someone else wash my car years ago. It seems like no matter where I went they always added another scratch or two. No respect for others' property when you're only making a few hundred baht a day. Paying more than a million baht for a car I'll just make do, get the exercise, and wash it myself....
  13. I bought one that looks similar to this one at the B2S store in Robinson mall... or was it Kad Suan Kaew?? a few years ago.... They have them locked in a case so you have to ask for it...
  14. That's why the kids in my neighborhood play badminton and soccer in the street....
  15. AC... a sad topic for me lately. I bought 3 units a little over a year ago and one just recently 'went on the blink'.... Service man came, opened it up, and found that an army of ants had made a nest on the circuit board and burnt it up. Unit has a 5 yr warranty but they will not fix/replace it due to the reason for failure....