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  1. That's a very ingenious modification ... but legal road worthy ... ???
  2. <snip> I wonder how many of these smaller +5 bedroom guesthouses are actually owner by the hotel operator. I suspect almost all are rented/leased, so what power would the gov have to demolished - none all. Listening to the PN video clip they suggested that gov 'wished' that he could demolish illegal hotels.
  3. Yes, I have online banking and I use for payments. But for cash I must go into bank as a few years back I go my ATM card skimmed for 50,000 baht, bank was no help at all in recovery so I cancelled card and prefer to show book and my passport to get cash. Plus I have the odd rebate sent to me in the form of a baht cheque that I must lodge in the bank.
  4. Ok ... but Karen Bravo is also a male ....
  5. The gov is a man ...... and not a she
  6. Exactly, completely impractical statement by the Gov. Far too many legal implications, would never happen.
  7. Light rain just started here in Kata, sky getting quite dark.
  8. I assumed it was Father-in-Law ...
  9. Think he said one was just taken back by the bank from one of his ex-wife :)
  10. Yes, now pouring in Patong. Looking at the rain radar should soon be over.
  11. 81 years old and still driving public transport ? Unlucky for him it was a police box so the police can't ignore it.
  12. 87 tuktuks registered for this 30 baht scheme - back in July 2015 Quite honestly that's not enough to make a living and pay for the gas. It's not as if it was intended to be a baht bus system on a fixed route.
  13. You make my point stevenl - the locals won't pay the fare asked and find other ways of getting about. Therefore they don't have enough customers to make a livivng.
  14. Because in the Phuket Town they can only charge the local Thais the regular price and would have to work/drive all day to make money. In the tourist area they charge what the want, laze about all day, and just catch a couple of fares each day..
  15. “Taxi operators in Phuket City are asking for permission to operate in Patong, Kata and Karon as they don’t earn enough money in their current areas,” ... in other words they want access to the high fare tourists. Turf war on the way.