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  1. Has anyone flown this direct flight, from CNX to Seoul, then direct to Las Vegas. I know the drawback is the 13-14 hour layover in Seoul in each direction. Just curious about the airline itself, old aircraft?, pleasantries, etc. Also, have anyone flown in business class? Thanks all...
  2. I read up a little about the "prompt pay" . Apparently it just came in to existence the second week of Jan. From what I gather, you have to sign up (some bank, don't know which one). I stopped checking about it because I surmised this system will be charging a fee to do the transfer of funds. That's about all I know - not interested...
  3. Our tax lady at the tax office told up if we have "prompt pay" refund would be within a week. If not, it would take up to 45 days to receive the check. Prompt pay is fairly new and don't know anything about it. It has to deal with funds from one institution to another...
  4. Hey Bill, did you receive a receipt back in the mail. If not, your TM30 was probably used as a basketball and thrown in the trash...
  5. My wife had both knee replacements 3 yrs ago by Dr. Chanakarn. Also, a good friend had both replaced by him just over a year ago. Wife cost per knee was 155,000 at Rajevej Hosp. So did my friend. His cost was a tad bit more, I think he said 165,000. My wife just had a hip replacement 8 days ago. Same hospital but not Dr. Chanakarn. This was an emergency situation and had to use the Ortho surgeon at Rajevej. Dr. Chanakarn has his own clinic just over the river from the hospital. He will however, do the surgery at any hospital you choose, which I'm sure would be much more expensive. I compared the prices from my wife's knee surgery to the hip surgery. Everything on the detailed list increased in price. Needles, tubes, monitors per day charge, EVERYTHING. So my guess that the cost would be near 175,000 - 180,000 baht. Check the other hospitals, I'm sure you can't beat this price Oh, here's his clinic phone number: 053204545 hours are 5:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. m-f, Sat 9-12 a.m. Be sure to call first, he makes trips out of the country now and then to train/give speeches. Hope all goes well for you.
  6. Yes, would also like to know what you had at Miguels. I love the food there. Never had a bad plate. My favorite Mex food. You should give it another try something different.
  7. Is it possible that the labels were somehow switched. Meaning the price labelling is wrong.
  8. Yes, Amorn sells the walkie talkies. I bought four of them recently. My wife had to show her ID card to purchase. The red units only, and do not require a license. The black units, DO require a license. We bought them at the Hang Dong (mai Hia) Big C. I know they carry them at the Big C Extra location.
  9. That doesn't sound right. That's more than if you purchased a R/T ticket off the get go. You can fly Business Class on China Southern R/T for 85,000 baht. That's CNX to JFK. I used the dates of 29 Oct for 21 days. Do a search on Google ITA Software.
  10. I had a kidney stone removed from my uretha at McCormick hospital about 9 months ago. FOrgot the doc's name, but I was very happy with his demeanor and performance. Spent 3 days in hospital and the bill came out to 48,000 baht. I'd recommend him and the hospital. Walk in the front entrance, go straight thru to the next set of double glass doors and you will be in the nurses station he works from. Same workstation as the brain surgeon doctor. Oh, the cost also included a CT scan which is normally around 9,000 baht.
  11. Send me a PM with your email or phone number. I know a Dutch fellow, living here in CM that teaches several students, 3 days a week.
  12. If the father was there at Star Visa, and signs the letter in front of them, I don't see why they would not notarized the letter. I assume he was not present when you wanted the letter notarized. Recommend you also get a copy of the father's ID card and a copy of the child's birth certificate with the fathers name. Make sure you cover all the bases.
  13. As title says. Anyone know of any place to get testing for heavy metals in the body? They take a couple inches of hair to do the testing. Probably not done in CM, but maybe Bangkok???
  14. I would never buy Samsung a/c's again. They are the noisiet units I have experienced. I've had Daiken for the past 9 yrs in two different homes. Very happy with them. My opnion, Mitsubishu and Daiken are the best and most reliable. I've bought many items from Niyom Panich there at the airport location. Never had any items that required maintenance so cannot comment on after service. I might add. You can negotiate prices with them. They will normally come down a small bit on most items. (TVs, bicycles, fridge).
  15. For sure go with Daiken. I've had Panasonic, Samsung and LG. Have 5 Daiken units in the home and normally two running at all times. Out of all the units we've had the past 10 years, Daiken is for sure the most quiet running inside blowers. Can hardly tell they are running. Samsung was the worst for the noise level.