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  1. The only time I login these days is if I'm really bored and have the thought in the back of my head "I wonder what the xxxx they are moaning about today"
  2. Sorry I couldn't be bothered reading the whole 15 pages...
  3. A busy smoking area... well done :)
  4. Irish stew? I've emptied my bowels with muck that more resembles Irish stew than this junk...
  5. Only "Irish" pub not showing the Celtic game last weekend. Yank pub, showing yank sports. About as Irish as Cuban cigars. Utter pish.
  6. Apparently it was the same cook from the previous establishment. Maybe the reason I got food poisoning. And at least the waitresses came outside, unlike the previous establishment. And some folk used to rave about the previous establishment...
  7. I doubt you would find an Uber driver doing this. Funny that...
  8. You'll be a dolphins bum then?
  9. You would need to be as tight as a dolphins bum not to tip an Uber driver.
  10. My daddy was a bank robber...
  11. Have a look at the app. Still plenty of drivers around.
  12. No wonder they use knives and guns if this is the level of their "fighting"
  13. Welcome to the third world