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  1. Still they come back year after year . It's their cheapest holiday destination from Eastern Russia . And you can find cleaner beaches up in Na Jomtien and the naval beach . It's filled with them . Pattaya is only a part of the whole package.
  2. Lets hope this will be the biggest scandal since Watergate and Donald is out of office within a year.
  3. "Neil is subject to close monitoring by authorities and has to follow 18 court-ordered conditions including no contact with minors in person or on the internet. He is also prohibited from possessing or accessing any electronic device or from getting any other person to do so on his behalf." If they are doing their job right he should not be able to leave Canada or even his city .
  4. What happened to her Russian friend that went on a diving trip to the Philippines ?
  5. Buy her a floor mat and she will sit on it and eat Isaan spicy food . That's what they enjoy most. Then you can watch while you're drinking your Chang and eat a banana.
  6. Someone has not experienced the real Thailand yet , most average Thai families would never cheat on your money . If you only live in tourist areas and your friends are bar girls or in the tourist business then yes , your wallet is more interesting .
  7. Coffee there is probably bitter , unless you want ice coffee with too much sugar.
  8. Yes it is . Russian tourists with their Russian wives and kids would not come in millions if it was only a sex city.
  9. Never heard of smart phones ? The victim is probably recording the footage with her phone. Maybe you live in the stone age.
  10. Another good promotion and remember only valid between 3 pm - 3 am
  11. I can enjoy any kind of pop from the 60's rock, 70's disco , 80's new wave synth, 90's anything that feels good. I guess I'm lucky that way .
  12. It depends on which generation you belong to I guess.