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  1. What do you mean by saying that most bright people voted against Brexit? Is this opinion anecdotal or is it because more graduates voted for remain?
  2. I do see the risk. I am not a Conservative supporter and have never voted for them. But I also see not giving the government the power to make a deal as an even greater risk. The UK needs to get out ASAP so that we can get on with making trade deals across the globe. The longer we are in limbo the more it will hurt the UK. I see the amendment by the Lords as a cynical attempt to derail the whole Brexit process. Not sure what you meant by saying that they would line their own pockets rather act in the best interests of the UK. Can you be more specific?
  3. 3) ANS - Because if the UK parliament gets a veto on the final deal the risk is that the UK will be offered the worst possible deal after the longest possible negotiation period. The EU could do this in the hope that the UK parliament would veto the deal, delaying the whole process and increasing the chance of another referendum. If the executive has the power to agree to any deal then the EU would have to accept that Brexit IS going to happen and is more likely to offer a better deal. Also, going into a negotiation it is important for the parties involved to have the authority to make decisions. If the UK negotiators do not have that and have to go back to parliament to approve everything then it makes the whole process a farce. (I understand that this is the farcical system the EU uses and is why a trade deal with Canada took seven years and was at one point stalled because the Belgian regional parliament of Wallonia refused to pass it! Absolutely absurd. Europe is a continent, not a country)
  4. I would much rather the interior of the Siemens trains in use on the BTS, which much more spacious and efficient - far better and handling lots of people with luggage. The Desiro trains appear to be designed for light provincial use with much longer distances between stops - there is even a (deactivated) button to open and close doors! The trains aren't really suitable for connecting one of the world's busiest airports with such a crowded city as Bangkok. It would be much better with 5 cars per train of course, but still the wrong choice for they are used for.
  5. No. He is supposed to filter in and cars already in the slow lane are supposed to slow down or change lane to let him in.
  6. The term 'give way' does not seem to appear in the Thai vocabulary.
  7. Let's hope the new trains that will be bought are similar to the ones used on the BTS. The current ARL trains are very inefficient at holding lots of people and allowing them to get on and off the train. The ARL trains seem to have been built for relatively light provincial use - they only have 2 sets of doors per carriage, the area where carriages are connected is not used, the area next to the doors is narrower - and are not really fit for purpose. BTS trains would be much better at handling lots of people with lots of luggage.
  8. To avoid any confusion it might be an idea to state whether your experiences are from arriving or departing. Have noticed that some posts in this and other threads don't mention this.
  9. It is very simple. The Commission proposes regulations, which are then rubber stamped by the EU parliament and then become law throughout the EU. The UK parliament has no say on the matter and this is where the lack of sovereignty is.
  10. Just a few points in response to the hysterical frothing by much of the media: 1. It is not a Muslim ban! It is a ban on NATIONALS. Pakistanis can still go, Indonesians can still go and UK muslims can still go etc etc etc! 2. The exact same seven countries were selected by the Obama administration as 'countries of concern' in 2016.https://www.dhs.gov/news/2016/02/18/dhs-announces-further-travel-restrictions-visa-waiver-program 3. Obama banned Iraqi refugees for 6 months in 2011, where was the outrage then?
  11. Then every country in the world is xenophobic. I wish there were no need for borders and visas but in the real world there is. I went to India last year and I needed a (very expensive) visa. I don't like having to do this but I accept there is a logic and reason for it. What is wrong with enforcing a border and issuing work visas as and when needed? I'm not sure a border fence is practical given the vast distance but if it is then I just see it as common sense. The EU has a land border with Morocco and has very tall fence to keep out economic migrants. Don't remember anyone calling them out for being xenophobic:
  12. I have long thought that Trump's ascension has been a reaction against PC culture and identity politics. Jonathan Pie sums it up perfectly:
  13. The reason why the UK voted for Brexit boiled down to sovereignty. Immigration was a factor, but it was the lack of democracy that caused the vote to leave.
  14. I used to consider myself a liberal. But I can no longer associate myself with some of the most intolerant and bigoted people on the political spectrum.
  15. Are you going back to Aus to live?