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  1. Thanks for that. Got hooked on this awhile back and downloaded Season 1 onwards. After I watched season 6, I was looking for something else. Decided to watch the new "Chicago Justice".......the combined Chicago Fire, Chicago PD and Chicago Justice first episode. To be nice, all I can say is: I'm glad "Vera" is back.
  2. The navy can now patrol the Chao Phraya and catch the red shirts by surprise when they invade Bangkok with their sampans
  3. Then use the calculator to give you change from 150 baht.
  4. Only after he cheats on the entrance test.
  5. ^^^^ Thanks mate. I have accounts at both those banks and am expecting a transfer from Oz at the end of the month.
  6. 251 milligrams. 1 gram = 48 grains of rice. 251 milligrams = 12 grains. So this is what they found in her purse. Better eyes than I have. I couldn't find these in my wife's purse [unless, of course, I was told to look for it.
  7. And one looks like he couldn't find his "sausage" in the morning.
  8. Cobber,, I hate to tell you this but "dude" is not an Australian term. Avagudweekend, matey
  9. That's pretty quick. Were funds available on Tuesday or was there a clearing time?
  10. I remember my old University professor saying: "Students, an excuse is just the skin of a reason stuffed with a lie."
  11. And 2 lawyers was scared and the case was too complicated for the other.
  12. " Article 44 was mostly used for the effectiveness of the administration, he said, adding that only a few orders had been issued under this article to limit people’s rights. " That's shooting yourself in the foot at a human right's convention.
  13. “Most men don't mind if another woman watches. It's the women who are watching who don't want to be seen.” ― John Irving, A Widow for One Year