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  1. Never heard Sanofi Pasteur claiming that they could cure Nile Disease nor HIV
  2. "sniffing a seat I can understand"? Lost for words !
  3. for me those happy zones are fine, I don't mind, as long as they will not ban the shops with fake goods from those happy zones
  4. Naughtily peeped through the holes a few times when I was there in the past months. I didn't notice any further changes there as when compared to 4-5 months ago.
  5. nice of them not to let him go by bus but to have him make this trip flying business class and staying at a nice hotel
  6. don't believe the headline too much ... driver would never say "sorry"
  7. Most likely not off the rack but I guess they can make the imprint and send the result to your home. or fully online via
  8. Now it's just a matter of waiting until we read: "Acknowledged. Regards, PM"
  9. Only by cutting away the words quality and great it becomes a correct reply
  10. Sheryl already explained twice in this thread that no cost is being bumped up by this. And any healthcare that doesn't check your blood pressure before a vaccination simply is negligent.
  11. VC hotel locates a 24/7 salon
  12. found them?
  13. Correct choice of Avatar
  14. Mike shopping mall 2nd or 3rd floor always used to have them, I believe in some shop next to escalator send toys and some sports accessories