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  1. Wow ! 17 Billion baht will buy a lot of Junta votes ..... And this Chainarong. Posted by steven100 : 30.03.17 just to set the record straight .... I have lived in Thailand for 20+ years, i have many close friends in very high influential places. When Thaksin sold his Shin Corp to the Singaporean company ... I believe there was an issue with unpaid taxes or similar ... cannot comment on the exact occurrence ... but there was some ... underhandedness , so ... you don't know everything ... lol ..
  2. well ..... well ...... well ..... I'll be damned ...... I did mention something along these lines in my previous post and I was correct ..... tax evasion .......... chainarong ID: 22 Posted March 19 · Report post I'm not a fan of Thaksin Shinawattra but just to set the record straight , Thaksin Shinawattra had a massive electronics' company Shin Corp, even the government of Oz and other nations used there teleco satellites and communication gear, the Shins are old Chinese family that go way back , Thaksin had made his money long before he entered politics', he sold Shin Corp to a Singapore company associated with the Singapore Government. And where is .... whatawonderfulday .. ? nothing to say !! hmmmm thought so ...... wheres all the Thaksin farang supporters now ....... hiding under rocks I guess ....
  3. They are the drug mules from Caracus. The BIB are on their tail .....
  4. no you can't ..... pls apply for a WP before attempting any manual labour.
  5. They didn't include drivers that smelt like a brewery from been on the whiskey all night !! Dirty smelly cabs is always prominent Try and get a taxi on Sukhumivit after 3.00pm .... maybe get refused 4 out of 5 taxis.
  6. Ok , ic .... well thats not many permanent jobs is it. but unfortunately thats the result .... but it will feed thousands of families during construction.
  7. appears that the US State Department are liars on the jobs numbers .... 50 I would say probably somewhere between 15,000 - 20,000 if you add in all the contractors / suppliers / sub contractors.
  8. Pattaya is bom bom city. The farang go there and get a 23yr old girl. The farang are fat from russia and many countries and want to just bom all night. Pattaya is the place.
  9. well I guess if it was already bought from the Chinese and there's no way to rescind that purchase then it has to be. But at least you have the positive side that jobs ... jobs andmore jobs will be created. At least the US president is for making jobs and he's doing it ... The Australian PM on the other hand is not making jobs ... and is a failure. A complete failure ..
  10. PM Khun Prayuth Cha-O-Cha is cracking the whip !! good to see ....
  11. I am confident that I don't need to read your comment.
  12. maybe the monks are playing cards so they can't sleep there
  13. OMG I'm sick and tired of hearing this rubbish. They talk about the stolen generation .... well guess what !! if they were not relocated into foster care most would have probably starved or been left in a disfunctional family of drunken parents. And what about the families or institutions that had to put up and adapt with their cultural ways. sick and tired of the Aust' PC .... ENOUGH !!!
  14. just looked into this and did some research and concluded .... not sure to believe all this ... back to the drawing board and give us some comment when you have facts..
  15. They don't hate me when I buy my piss at 7-11 each morning ....