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  1. your shopping in the wrong places
  2. i did not know there is a food court at mikes
  3. possession 9/10ths of the law
  4. or google it
  5. one of the best peaces of advise in this post, if only men were smart enough to take notice.
  6. good luck with that one mate, i have a feeling your gonna need it down the road a bit.
  7. sounds like another lamb to the slaughter. no helping some people.
  8. i see your getting it now ! that was exactly what i forgot you have baby
  9. marriage is a scam but only the smart guy get set and match. game over!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. not sure about the dating thing maybe more of a trying thing
  11. i can at least string a sentence together unlike some here on TV
  12. best way to protect yourself ? stay single like me, and enjoy it !!!!!!!!!