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  1. Huawei Y6II at 4,800 baht. Very nice phone and the camera is way better than my previous Samsung. I'm really impressed with it.
  2. Destroy the dugongs - MAGA!
  3. I don't agree at all with what China has done to those reefs and nor do I think they should simply be able to lay claim to disputed areas of territory without any form of negotiation or mediation. It's simply a fact that even under Obama there has been a significant military buildup designed to fence in China. Calling out the Americans for what they're doing, doesn't mean you have to support what China is doing. The Okinawans certainly don't want the Americans there and have been putting up a big fight against the new American base at Henoko Bay, which will be filled in for runways and destroy a natural dugong environment. Also in South Korea, the people on Jeju island, a World Heritage site, have made it clear they don't want the new American base that is being constructed there. But according to you these can't be mentioned because the governments invited them there, even though it's against the wishes of the local people.
  4. The Americans have already built up and are continuing to establish a ring that would allow them to blockade and threaten China. See Pilger's film The Coming War on China. The US has been much more aggressive in the region than China.
  5. In our area they cleared the food vendors from streetside and most of them are still around. Some of them have rented shop fronts which were just sitting empty, and others have found spots that are not sitting right on the street. It hasn't really reduced the availability of cheap food options and overall it's a big improvement.
  6. 1) Yes but it's not limited to 4 re-entries, it could be more than that. 2) I think it's on the form but it's not really that important and would only be your first leave date anyway. 3) They go unused. 4) Only valid for the current extension. 5) It doesn't extend the extension for the time you're not in the country.
  7. This guy was brought up by his grandma? Then why are people blaming the father?
  8. They brought the driver in and inspected his taxi. The result was that the tyres had been changed to a different size. Fined 2000 baht and off the road until he goes in for a new inspection with the correct tyres.
  9. Exactly right. Thais do buy secondhand and do flip. I seem to remember someone else on Thai Visa interested in flipping property a while back. I would think it's possible if you can stay under the radar and avoid making it look like you're doing something that a building contractor would usually do.
  10. James Wattana was usually known as 'Tong' in Thailand, or his full Chinese name of Tong Sit Choi. The country would have gone absolutely mental if he'd won the World Championship. Apart from Tong, I think Jimmy White was the most popular player back in the day. There was great respect for Steve Davis's achievements and ability but Thais loved Jimmy White's style and also you could see he really enjoyed coming over here
  11. The KBank virtual card works fine for everything I've ever tried online. Why do you need to get the debit card verified?
  12. The arrest and bail demands were pretty ludicrous. But the fine seems reasonable. Let's hope there is some publicity and tourists avoid feeding the fish. The tour/boat operator should also be held responsible and have to pay a fine.
  13. Why doesn't Duterte take them out first? Or are the big guys untouchable?
  14. It wasn't a punishment, just to encourage him to make sure his driver appeared for a chat.
  15. Keep reading this on the forum. Makes you wonder what kind of crimes all the guys filling Thai jails have committed.