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  1. Good news. Hope they return to Russia soon and get the help they need.
  2. Not sure what the cryptic message means but I doubt she would ever sell.
  3. Yes that's true. The Thai Food at Nest 2 is IMO the best in Northern Thailand. But even that is expensive. Next time we will search for other options.
  4. It's empty because there are hardly any businesses left there. Most have closed due to lack of business. It stays open apparently from the income from Rimping, Dukes, Chi Chang, the banks, weekend outdoor event, etc. It sure isn't making a profit. It's such a beautiful property that they can't just shut it down and let all the landscaping die and become a ghost mall; ripe for vandalism and graffiti. I would imagine that whatever income it has barely pays the electric bill, the janitors and gardeners.
  5. I concur. I love the relaxed atmosphere there. Bring a good book. Food can get expensive if you eat there all the time.
  6. There is no problem with Dukes there. We go often. Never had a problem. Ragu is O.K. but nothing great. The theaters are indeed excellent. Chi Chang is excellent as is Rimping. Yes, Promenada is a failure but I doubt it will close. There is too much invested into it.
  7. It's not the mall's problem that you don't own transport! Why don't you buy a car?
  8. What a deceptive title!
  9. Yes
  10. Different - kind of. The chips are all made at 3 Little Pigs. I believe the salsa is made there too. Free. Edit: Looking at google, it seems he did merge the two restaurants into the 3 Little Pigs location.
  11. I won't use it because too much time is involved contacting the company to dispute added on charges. I went through that when I used Uber and Lyft in the USA. Never had a problem getting added charges removed but it took a lot of time, had to wait on hold, and was a big hassle. I've seen on FB that Uber users in Thailand go through the same thing. Cash is the easiest. I can't say why some drivers won't accept customers who use cards to pay. I don't know.
  12. They have back-up generators in condominium buildings? All of them?
  13. To get them really cheap you need to purchase a truckload - literally. But you can buy quantities of I think 5 Kg. at the shipping supply place near JJ Market/Talaat Kamthieng/Tesco Lotus. If you are going up the road toward the Super Highway (bars on the right) and are approaching the side entrance to Tesco Lotus - one soi before the entrance is a soi that takes you to the back way of Kamthieng plant market. Turn there and park. The supply place is on the left on the corner, big blue sign.
  14. Someone told me Richard was thinking of merging the two restaurants together. I haven't been to either location for some time, so can't confirm.
  15. Not to criticize anyone in particular, but TV is a great forum for sellers to talk up the value of condominiums in C.M.; knowing there are a fair share of farangs who read the forum, who don't speak or read Thai, or in some cases - even know any Thai people to get some guidance as to reality. So they use the forum as a method to inflate values and convince other farangs that these condos that they can't sell are worth gold. If you study the threads, you will see that some users only come out of the woodwork when these threads are opened and chime in on the 'smoking hot' real estate market here, and how much condos are worth or how much they could be rented for. As far as some of these stories of people selling numerous units, I would take that with a grain of salt too. The truth is that it could take an entire lifetime to sell perhaps 4 or 5 of them. There are many, many Thais and farangs who purchased condominiums years ago and can't even sell them for what they paid for them - or even less. I've met a few such people.