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  1. Ah! That golden rain. Brigante7.
  2. They better hope that they never have my mum in their van, lol. Taking my newborn son to Thailand to see my wifes family, we got a mini-bus from the airport to the hotel, my mum is a nervous passenger at the best of times but she was bricking it on the motorway and if she told him once to slow down she told him 100 times of course he just smiled, nodded and kept going eventually in her strongest Scottish accent, and probably loudest, she told him to slow down. He hadn't a clue what she was saying but he knew by the tone she wasn't happy and he asked my wife if everything was ok, I'm not sure what she said but he slowed down. Brigante7.
  3. So he's sorry for going OTT but not for attacking him? Brigante7.
  4. The seat's, we have to think of the seat's. Brigante7.
  5. And her family buffalo is sick. Brigante7.
  6. Wow, so now the buffalo really are sick. Brigante7.
  7. That's to quick, let the victims family's at him first. Brigante7.
  8. You're assuming he actually kicked her. 1st rule for violent woman, claim domestic abuse, after all a lady wouldn't lie, would she? Brigante7.
  9. Classy people. If in doubt claim domestic abuse. Brigante7.
  10. And take their money with them, yeah great idea, <deleted> pattaya and all the people and buiseness that rely on tourism. Brigante7
  11. I didn't realise the tourist's were out on the high sea's. Brigante7.
  12. Cool, I have 2 young kids, so they'll get a rebate. Brigante7.
  13. That would be me fecked then. Brigante7.
  14. Snowflake feminazi, he's as funny as a dose of the clap. Brigante7.