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  1. Maybe you could check with the manager/rep at Garuda Airlines ???
  2. The main punchline being as quoted by a previous member " You do need to qualify by spending the 2 years before (or 2 years after) becoming eligible residing in Australia" .
  3. Zerostar,if I was you I would carefully check the Aust pension rules because I am to believe that you are not entitled to a pension now if you do not reside within Aust ???
  4. Has any members from Nonthaburi been experiencing any water shut downs during the week which last for about 30 - 60 mins before comimg back on ???
  5. Where did you purchase this box from ???
  6. Apparently the Aust channels are done using an Aust VPN thus they give you channel 7 and also Nine that gives you the live sport ?? they will give you 24 hours free trial but if you message them via facebook they will answer other enquiries.
  7. Have any members received any feedback or tried this new service being advertised https://www.facebook.com/AussieExpaTV/ Although they do not mention any costs I have been advised that it is about THB 800 per month.
  8. Both Boots & Watsons stock nicotine patches but mainly Nicotinal brand in 2mg & 4mg strengths,they also have the same brand gum.
  9. Thanks tlcwareefall, I have now located a good source under ZEM Sports,HDfree & Eurosport 2 all clear and in HD
  10. Can any of our Kodi members advise of a good add-on link for sourcing the Australian Tennis Open, thanks for your feedback
  11. Sorry LivinLOS I am not technical savvy whatsoever, just a user !!!
  12. No problems with my TOT fibre line here in Nonthaburi,internet & IPTV are all running fine.
  13. Chicog, that link will not open " This site can’t provide a secure connection www.kodiapps.com uses an unsupported protocol. ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH"
  14. Thanks to all for your assistance, I have now found a reliable source for this Sports channel, Go to "Phoenix" add on and click "Sports" & "One Events" then "HD Free (ZEM) and you will see "watch Premier Sports". Those wishing to watch 4 Nations Rugby League Aust-Scotland you can watch the replay at 1400 Sat (Thai time) instead of 0200 on Sat morning !!!
  15. Could not find Oblivion or The Pyramid add ons in my list of add ons ????