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  1. I can't give you a definitive answer but if it was me I would not bother getting it translated. The main ambassador is English but all the people working in the Embassy are Thai and will be able to read the Thai certificate better than a translation. just my thoughts. HL
  2. Sent you a message by PM. HL
  3. Thanks Rick, we have had a number of enquiries already from this recommendation. HL
  4. Pho Phaet 2 Hospital. For your info I saw the specialist for the knee and also a surgeon because I suspected I might have a hernia (I didn't) and the bill for both examinations was 520 baht total. HL
  5. Hi Griff, how sure are you that you need surgery??? i say that because a few weeks ago my knee went and I was in terrible pain and I went to see two different doctors and was examined and told that a knee replacement was 150,000 up. Anyway I can't afford that so I bought a knee stabilizer sleeve thing, which was fantastic and gave me relief as soon as I started wearing it. Anyway to cut a long story short I went to a different hospital for a different reason and while I was there I saw the bone specialist who examined me and said that I was not bad enough to warrant surgery at the moment because I had full use of my knee and although there was degradation of the muscle around the joint I could build this up again with a special exercise. Anyway I started the exercise and now I have no pain whatsoever except if I twist the knee sideways, but walking is no problem at all. So I would make absolute sure that you do need surgery before you decide to go for it. The hospital I visited seems to care for the patients health more than their wallets and I am really pleased that I found them, although they are in Korat.
  6. Ok, so you haven't got married at all yet then. The village wedding is just a party for show but is not legal at all. You can only get married at the Amphur which is where you register all your paperwork and get your marriage certificate presented. Sorry I don't know about this new rule they are talking about but if I was you I would just go to a different Amphur and get married there. I am sure if something new had come out then we would have heard about it on here so it's just one person being obstropulous I reckon. Use a different Amphur! HL
  7. Just thinking about it, am I right that you mean you had the village "wedding" a month ago? HL
  8. You said you had the paperwork translated but did not mention getting it legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, so did you get it stamped at the MFA in the first place? HL
  9. Sorry, I know I have an ulterior motive of course, but I do not agree with Jim's suggestion. if I was going to court and gambling with what is possibly a large amount of assets then I would want an interpreter who is A) experienced and well versed in the workings of the law, and will be accepted by the judge as an official and licensed interpreter. Not just somebody who can speak some English and works or learns in a language school. Remember we are not just talking about a person explaining the English word for a Thai word etc. We are talking about a person who can put over your thoughts and feelings in the best way possible for the judge and the court to take your side in the case. Yes your lawyer will put your case for you but when you are on the stand it is the interpreter who is the most important person in the court room at that time. HL
  10. Personal message sent. HL
  11. No worries mate. For your interest my wife has just got home from Uni so if you are free at the moment it may be a good time to call. HL
  12. Over the last few years I have recommended to many people that they visit the translation shop within the Homepro Shopping Centre across the road from the British Embassy to get their documents translated and stamped by the MFA.....however yesterday I myself went there only to find the shop gone and replaced by a bank, so please take note and do not visit there anymore. There are obviously other translation shops around the area so just allow yourself to be led to one by the agents that hang around the Embassy gates. They are not con men, but just agents getting work for the shops for a small commission. HL
  13. May I give you one bit of advice mate.....whichever lawyer you choose to represent you just make sure you have got a "good" interpreter that you can trust, because it is so important for you to understand what is going on and to be able to get across your thoughts and feelings, to both your lawyer and the court. HL
  14. Hi Blackcab, Its got nothing to do with the land office, they have no say in it, as they say if the wife asks the court to cancel it as part of the divorce then they will and the land office will then have to comply. This was explained to my wife by a Judge during a court case, so I have no reason to not believe it. Will try and make it for that drink sometime mate. HL
  15. The only downside to the usufruct is if granted by a wife to a husband for a common property then in the case of a divorce the wife can then simply cancel the usufruct without any argument. It can only be cancelled in this situation though. HL