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  1. I thought they had to have staff sit in the queue with the ordinary people, well there you go learn something new everyday. Is the priority system for the elderly and infirm overidden by the agents then or is it simply not working?
  2. So I guess you are over 70 or infirm to get a priority appointment,must be one of the first?
  3. You mean you don't add your address when renewing extension of stay, filing TM30 or TM28,applying for re- entry permits etc?
  4. So they don't have to report their address six times a year to immigration?
  5. Not sure which is more fun, seeing what Trump does/says each day or what happens here, a combination of the two has me in stitches!
  6. He can act exactly as he wants, he gave himself the power to do so. At least for the time being.
  7. Same but different.
  8. Back in the late eighties garages sold portable mini toilets because the traffic was so bad and drivers were getting caught short. I guess if they no longer sell them then maybe traffic has improved or drivers can hold it longer!
  9. Sinkholes could be a factor.
  10. "On Saturday, Trump staged a rally for supporters in Florida at a Melbourne aircraft hangar to attack the media and tout his accomplishments in office. " Sounding like a sad old man already having to surround himself with the faithful.
  11. 4 interviewed at the Southern Whitehouse at the weekend , if a couple of those also turned down the job this guy is 5th choice! 3rd at best.
  12. A deal coming on the table? Not quite on subject but how many similarities do you see?
  13. The monks holding all and sundry at bay have shown what a threat they can be to the ptb. This will no doubt be exploitec in the future so perhaps the police are training to fight the bad monks!