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  1. Interesting? Evidence of your current pension/income which will be returned to you And then: Please note we will use the financial figures provided on this form and will not check or amend any financial amounts. BTW Site Last updated: 2 June 2016
  2. As I said, free coffee and wifi plus air conditioning. But it was posted with location as it would be of use to those living relatively close but not in general as there are other car washes in other places etc. it was posted simply for information related to area.
  3. May raise enough money to pay for the free submarine!
  4. Simply madness, only big boys toys and having no real use.
  5. Awesome contribution to the title of the thread and the relevance of the forum. Here's a small one cobblers!
  6. Yes,we moved literally one Soi and filed TM28 x 2 at Promenada when the desk was the first one on the left in the original office downstairs before it was moved to the second floor to accommodate G4T. I think there is probably more interest in the TM30 as that makes money in many cases. The door is open for the same thing to happen with TM28.
  7. 28K THB With all the docs etc Chiangmai's own only charge 3500THB 35K THB Without meeting financial requirements? Isn't that a little dodgy?
  8. But it's section 44 and the pm said it will work!
  9. When we lived in Cyprus many of our Cypriot friends did not bother with seat belts they would simply cross themselves before setting off,that didn't work either.
  10. On the 121 just after the turn off to North Hill Golf on the way to the Chiangmai / Hod rd. Between the cement factory and the LPG garage. Free coffee/ wifi, 200 baht for 4x4 inside/outside. Looks like room for more automotive related in the future.
  11. I have a retirement visa extension but it's quite painless as the prescribed medication seems very effective.
  12. And Thai's, like other Asians, would never consider illegal gambling.
  13. There is not much you can't Google info for but if it's Thailand/Chiangmai (In respect of our local forum) related then chances are it will point you back to TV. Yes there are a limited number of regular posters considering there are over 100K members but I am sure there are an awful lot of watchers and many those seeking information do not need to post, just the ability to use the search function. Posting new threads, or even simply replying to older threads usually brings out an unusually high number of trolls etc, this of course puts many people off even bothering to reply or post new threads,but as Jai Dee posted there is a report button-use it! I would think that I have personally used it more in the last few moNths than in the past 14 years I have been a member, indicative of the times perhaps but it works and generally the mods are quick to react. Thai Visa continues to remain relevant and an excellent source of information,.Will the new liaison with the Nation and their affiliations see significant changes for the better or worse? Only time will tell!